Friday, March 24, 2017

North Davis Intermediate Spanish

Hello, North Davis parents!
 This week the students learned how to write their own questions. They learned the following:
  • Who? - ¿Quién?
  • What? - ¿Qué?
  • When? - ¿Cuándo?
  • Which? - ¿Cuál?
  • Why? - ¿Por qué?
  • How? - ¿Cómo?
  • Where?- ¿ Donde? 
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In these last weeks in beginning Spanish we have covered a couple of new topics such as el sistema solar, frutas y vegetales/verduras, productos lácteos, bebidas, and carnes. We also reviewed some old topics including formas de presentarse and el verbo “gustar.”

Maestra Miriam

Monday, March 20, 2017

Int ASL St James~Week 23

As can be seen in the above photos, the kids in Intermediate ASL at St. James are all ready to welcome the new season! Today, we learned Spring signs, including flower, umbrella, grow, puddle, bee, of course, and the sign for Spring itself. We then all made these bees out of paper plates, and the kids enjoyed the arts and crafts.
For the rest of the week, we'll be reviewing our vocabulary before we leave for Spring Break. We have a lot more arts and activities planned for the kids, including a fun activity of creating their own board game! They're going to have a lot of fun before their well-deserved break! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Birch Lane- Intermediate Week 20 & 21

Hello Birch parents!

Last week the kids focused on reviewing vocabulary we have learned over the last 8 weeks such as animals, clothing, emotions/feelings, family members, school supplies, and more! The kids did activities that included making their favorite animals out of Play-Doh and then clothing to dress them up.

One of the kids made a worm and covered it with a warm jacket!

Two kids worked together to make a guinea pig and dress it with a fashionable hat and sweater!

This week the kids were introduced to questions and we worked on writing/developing questions to share with each other. The kids also did small presentations, where they got to write down questions on a whiteboard and had their peers answer said questions.

The kids came up with questions and presented to their peers!

The kids worked on writing questions and drawing their answers to those.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. feel free to email me or Irene, our Monday/Wednesday teacher. My email is and Irene's is

Here is some useful questions vocabulary to go over with the kids at home:
  • Who? - ¿Quién?
  • What? - ¿Qué?
  • When? - ¿Cuándo?
  • Which? - ¿Cuál?
  • Why? - ¿Por qué?
  • How? - ¿Cómo? 

P.S. Here are even more pictures of previous activities the kids have worked on these past few weeks as well as the variety of topics we have covered in class :) 

Activity: Making a list of likes/dislikes
Topic: Fruits and vegetables, likes/dislikes
Activity: Building a person
Topic: Body parts

Activity: Scarecrow and Calaveras decorations
Topic: Holidays 

Activity: Bingo!
Topic: Alphabet and colors

Activity: Animal making
Topic: Animals

Activity: Sentence building
Topic: Introductions

Activity: Drawing houses
Topic: House appliances and rooms

Activity: Drawing and sentence building
Topic: Likes/dislikes, introductions and shapes

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Int ASL St. James~Week 21

This week in Intermediate ASL at St. James, we are having a review week of the signs learned in the past few weeks. From feelings, to clothes, family signs, school signs, and even to sentence structures with the signs "I HAVE" and "PLEASE," "THANK YOU."
Learning how to properly sign sentences structured around the terms "I HAVE," "PLEASE," and "THANK YOU," is what really separates Beginning ASL from Intermediate.The students can now sign more conversationally rather than simply signing a string of signs.


We started off the week with a review of feelings and state of mind signs, which include words like happy, sad, confident, and optimistic! To review, we played with our class dry erase cube, on which the teacher wrote some terms. Then, the cube was tossed around and whoever caught it had to sign "I FEEL..." completing the sentence with the term the cube landed on. As can be seen in the pictures above, the kids had a lot of fun with this active game, competing in a friendly manner and laughing throughout! It was an enjoyable review day, and the rest of the week promises to be just as exciting!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Patwin- Beginning ASL

Hello everyone!

Over the past month, our class has been learning food signs. We've done a lot of fun activities related to fruits, vegetables, meat, eating times, and restaurants. Some of the activities have included scavenger hunts and a fake restaurant!

This first image is from our scavenger hunt. I signed the food word and the student would find it in the classroom. Then come up to the board and put it in the correct category.

These three images are from our fake restaurant! It was called the 'Patwin ASL Cafe'. It was of course Deaf friendly so the students signed their order to "the waitress" (me). After they ordered their food, they got to draw out each item they chose. This included utensils, entree, drinks, and desserts. The students did very well using the vocabulary. 

Currently, we are making cookie cookbooks. The cookbooks will be completed this upcoming week. The students are very excited to learn how to bake their favorite cookie! I have found actual recipes so the measurements are accurate. 

Thank you for reading! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beginning French - Davis Arts Center - Danielle Preston

This week our class got to open their cafés to the class and serve each other a meal. Students got to decorate menus and they chose what foods they would be serving.

They had to go shopping from the store I set up full of plastic foods. We worked together to add up how much each item would be and students had to prepare their fake money accordingly. It was challenging for them to ask for the items in French using numbers but they are always so supportive and helpful with each other so it was fun!

On our café day, students got to set up their café with plastic foods and serving utensils. Then we went around to everyone's café and everyone had about 5 minutes to tell us about what they had prepared. This is an example of what students said:

C'est mon café rouge.
Il y a une salad, des fruits,
les croissants, le jus de pomme, etc."

Then everyone took turns ordering different items with the phrase:

"Je voudrais ____ s'il vous plaît".

This was such a fun activity for the students because they were challenged to lead the class for a couple minutes and they all got so in to their menus. They were all excited to set up their cafés and it was awesome to see how everyone had such unique ideas.

Here are some pictures!!:


Thank you for reading!