Friday, June 1, 2018

North Davis Elementary Intermediate Spanish

¡Hola Padres!

It was a pleasure being their teacher. I am so proud of them for showing such great improvement since the beginning of the semester. They are all wonderful children and I hope to see them again next semster! 

The following are pictures of their work and games we played throughout the semesters. 

This wall shows one wall out of the four which we used for the game Four Corners. The lesson was to learn I have and I am. For this wall, it says I have and they wrote things they had. 

                                                  Top photo: Here the students are playing conversation jenga. 
                                   Bottom photo: Students are playing matamoscas, a game in which they slap the target words given.                                  Top photo: Here the students are playing conversation jenga. 

   Bottom photo: Students are made origami houses to learn the parts of a house.

 Students are divided into two teams and are racing to see who can answer the questions first. 

These two pictures show their family tree and how they described their family.


  This is a cootie catcher we made to learn how to ask questions.

  Here students are playing Los articulos hopscotch.

¡ Muchas Gracias!
Maestra Jocelyne 

Beginning Spanish-Korematsu :)

Estimados Padres de Familia:

This school year was exceptional! The kids have shown an outstanding progress.

As the year came to a close,  I was delighted to see how each kid implemented a new word to their vocabulary each day.  I admired their curiosity and creativity to learn. I'm very proud of their progress and I hope that they continue to learn in this manner in the days to come.

The following are pictures of the work they've done throughout the school year. 

Thank you so much for  everything!

Lizeth Cruz 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

North Davis Elementary - Beginning Spanish 🗲

¡Hola padres!

I just want to say, thank you, for all of the help you gave me with your children for the Year-End Performance. I know the children really enjoyed themselves. I also want to thank our substitutes Angel and Kiara for their help. 

I will be attaching a video of the children practicing our song. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope to see your children again next year! 


Maestra Alondra 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Patwin Beg ASL Week 29

Hello TALK Parents!

The TALK year is almost done! This year has gone by so quickly, I can’t believe it! But before we say goodbye for summer, we have our End of the Year performance coming up! All of the TALK classes will come together to show what we’ve learned, and the ASL kids at Patwin have definitely learned a lot! This year, our class will be putting on a sort of game of charades. Each student will have two acts prepared, and they may be acting as animals, occupations, characters, etc. They’ll have props and costumes, they’ll sign a description of their act, and it’ll be up to you in the audience to guess what they are! Once the correct guess is made, we will teach you the sign for it! Sounds fun, right? Here are the kids posing with all the props we made this week! Next week we start sign practice for the show! Can’t wait to see you all there!

-Teacher Naira :)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Beginning Spanish- Birch Lane

Hola Padres!

This past month we have learned so much! We learned new Spanish vocabulary regarding the following topics: Months of the years, Days of the Week, Adjectives,  Questions and Feelings. The students enjoyed creating different art projects, writing as well as singing.  

During this past month we traveled to our favorite places. Through this activity the students were able to describe their favorite place by answering questions we learned such as "Donde?" (Where?), "Cuando?"(When?), "Quien?" (Who?), "Que?" (What?), "Cual?" (Which?), "Como?" (How?) and "Por que?" (Why?).



We also had the chance to sing along to a Spanish months and week songs as well as create our mini calendars. Through these calendars the students were able to relate each Spanish month to an activity they do during that month.



Although we enjoyed using our imaginations and creativity to make these projects we also had the opportunity to write and play fun games!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what the students have learned this past month. I look forward seeing what this next month has in store for us!

Maestra Sandra

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Patwin Beg ASL Week 21

Hello Patwin ASL parents! This week, rather than learning single vocabulary words, the kids are putting their vocabulary together and practicing common questions and phrases. These past couple days, they learned some basic questions, for instance: “Your favorite color what?” or “You go school where you?”
Then, the kids partnered up and “interviewed” their partners, asking them the questions we had gone over as a class. An example of an “interview sheet” is below.  Finally, each pair of students came up to the front of class and presented their partner’s answers. And it was amazing! They signed all the questions and answers in full ASL format, with little to no help from me! These kids have learned a lot this year, and it’s really showing this week! :)

Friday, March 2, 2018

Davis Arts Center - Intermediate French Class ❄

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all staying dry on these cold and rainy days!

We’ve been having a very fun time in Intermediate French this week! On Monday we covered clothes vocab. We paired up into teams of two and had someone draw the item of clothing on a small whiteboard and only show it to 1 member of each team and then that member had to act it out to their partner and they had to guess it. The students had a fun time trying to act out difficult words to guess like “des pyjamas”.  Lucy was always the most detailed illustrator of each clothing item!

On Tuesday, we played a modified version of “Steal the Bacon”.  Each student is given a number and when their number is yelled they have to battle it out to “steal the bacon” which is often a soccer ball. To modify this game to our lesson this week I brought in various items of clothes like a scarf, socks, and a sweatshirt and I chose two numbers and then named a piece of clothing. The students had to understand the item that I said and then rush to get it. I chose this game to help the students work on their oral comprehension. By the end of the game everyone had mastered how to say every item of clothing I had taught them. Sophie and Chloe kept getting frustrated at how much the skirt looked like a scarf when balled up.

On Wednesday, we played a game called a “Chinese auction”. I divided the students into two teams. I called out items of clothing and school items in French and the students had to work together to send one person up with that item. For example, I called out “Des Chaussettes blanches” and each team had to find someone with white socks and send them up to get a point. In order to get the students to work as a team more I also called things like “trois cahiers de trois differentes couleurs” (3 notebooks of 3 different colors). The students had to work together to find 3 notebooks of 3 colors among all of their backpacks. I even called out things like “Deux couettes” (two pigtails), Henry rushed up first with his hair in his two hands as pigtails! Tori and Chloe worked together to style Tori's hair in pigtails in under 5 seconds. 

Here are some photos of us playing "Headbands" to learn body vocab the week before!