Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wrapping up in Intermediate ASL Class - St. James


During our last month the students created board games that they imagined on their own. Here, they are pictured teaching others how to play their games which included a "Candy Land" style one, one for strategic land domination, and one on American trivia.


Here the students enjoy our last week of TALK classes for the year. The students played dodgeball and cornhole in between practicing their ASL rendition of "How Far I'll Go" from Moana and, later, bowled during Parent Open House.

Last month at Int Spanish - Birch Lane

For our last month together, the kids spent the first week of May learning about the weather! It worked out perfectly since that first week of May had a variety of different whether conditions.

Some of the kids favorite activities for the week were to make their own bingo cards as well as playing "indoor basketball" as a team, where I'd ask them a vocabulary word and if they guessed right, they could shoot a paper ball into a trashcan for tickets!

For our end of the year presentation, the kids decided to do the play: "Three Little Pigs." They also had the opportunity to get involved on all aspects of their end of the year presentation, from making their costumes to making their own props.

The kids working on their houses (in this picture, the stick house and the brick house)

For our last week together, the class focused on reviewing different materials from animals, to food, to feelings and emotions and more!

Overall it was a great pleasure to work with the kids and help them become more familiar with the Spanish language. It was wonderful to see how much they grew throughout the weeks, it was truly a memorable experience for me.

If you are interested in practicing some vocabulary with your kid at home, I highly suggest to look over their folders and the work they did throughout the semester. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

-Maestra Teresa


During our last month of Spanish, students learned about Día de las madres en Latinoamérica (Mothers’ day in Latin America). For example, they learned that in México, mother’s day is celebrated on May 10th. Students created a card to share it with their moms 😊

And finally, we created our own Lotería (a traditional Mexican card game). During our open house and last day of Spanish the students and their family were able to play Loteria and learned a little bit more about the amazing work the students did in class.

They also prepared for the end of the year performance! We had so much fun and enjoyed singing “El 🐥 pio”

It was a pleasure being part of every single one of my students’ journey to learn Spanish.  We had so much fun and learned muchísimo!

Que tengan un lindo verano,

Maestra Miriam 📚

Intermediate Spanish at North Davis Elementary

Sadly the semester has come to an end, but looking back it was a great year! The kids learned so much and in such a short time! To conclude our last week we made a book called Todo sobre mí / All about me. This activity helped us review: introductions, me gusta/I like, no me gusta/I don't like, la familia/the family, mi favorito/my favorte, and much more!

 The following pictures are from throughout the semester.
Here they are playing the tossing target game I laid out multiple squares and each was worth either 1 or three tickets. I asked them a question, for example, como se dice engineer, decribe una manzana, cuando es tu cumpleaños and etc. If they got the question right they would throw it, if not we would review together, then they would have a chance at throwing it.

  It was a pleasure having each and every one in my class! We all had an amazing time together learning Spanish! Thank you all for your time and commitment! Have a great summer!

! Muchas gracias!
Maestra Joceylne

Intermediate Spanish Class Last Week of MAY!

Hello Parents and Friends!

During our last week of Spanish, students reviewed some of the topics we learned throughout the year by drawing and listing them on a poster wrap paper. We divided the poster into sections so that each student worked on one of their favorite topics. Liam, for example, worked on greetings and useful phrases and drew two people having a casual short conversation. Ava loved learning about food, so she listed food items and wrote a sentence about what she had for breakfast that morning. The topic of clothing really stuck with Alyssa, so she decided to draw and write about that. John also helped with school supplies, since we used these tools a lot in our class to facilitate our learning.

 Students also played "Adivina Quien Y Que" (Guess who and what) to review professions, body parts, house rooms and appliances, and animals. We gave each color group a number and students would pick a number that had a description of the vocabulary word from the card, and students had to guess who or what the vocabulary word was. This activity encouraged students to really understand the sentences that were describing the word, and served as reading practice for those reading out the descriptions. It was a fun educational game! 

 If you have any questions about our class, activities, or any suggestions, you can contact me via email at 

Thank you so much for this great year! 
Enjoy your summer :)


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beginning Spanish at Birch Lane in May!

The kids had such a fun last month in Spanish class at Birch Lane!
At the beginning of the month, the kids learned about Mother's Day in Mexico and that it is celebrated on May 10th in Mexico instead of being the second Sunday of the month. For this, the kids colored, cut out, and decorated a card to give to their moms on Mother's Day!

Another lesson the kids enjoyed was learning about professions. They were able to come up with a large list of professions and also they learned how to say the professions they wished to be when they were older! The list of professions they wanted to be varied from granjero/a (farmer), cientifico/a (scientist), musico/a (musician), maestro/a (teacher), and presidente (president). As part of the activities to review these professions, we played pictionary, hangman (but instead of drawing a man, we drew a house or a flower pot), and the kids also drew pictures of the professions they wanted to be as when they got older.


And finally, we had the end of the year performance! The kids from Birch Lane had a great time at the performance and they did so well with the game we played! They were given a category and they had to tell me a word that began with a specific letter in that category. All of the kids had so much fun playing and showing their families how much they had learned in class throughout the year!

Just like the kids, I had such a great time getting to know each and every one of them and being a part of their journey to learn Spanish. They all learned so much in such a short amount of time and I we all had a blast doing it! Thank you all so much for your time and commitment to the learning of the kids and I am going to miss beginning my days with them every morning! I had an amazing time with them this year! Have a great summer!

Maestra Alicia

Patwin Elementary-Beginning ASL Class


Hello there! Wow! The semester came to an end so quickly! The past month has been full of amazing games and a lot of fun! 

ASL Jeopardy 
As the students became more comfortable with their signing use, I started playing ASL Jeopardy with them! This game was amazing because it used a lot of American Sign Language such as location, questions, and grammar. At the end of the year, every category had a vocabulary word that the student had to create their own sentence from. 

Parents Day!
As you know, the last day of class was dedicated to the students parents! Parents got to come to class and see all of the work the students did throughout the semester. Each student had put in so much work during the school year. They each got folders to take home. The students LOVED showing their parents their work. 
We also played games such as scavenger hunt, flowerpot, and guess who. Try any of the games at home! 
I hope all of the students had as much fun learning ASL as I did teaching them! 

Carlie Gropp 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Intermediate Spanish at Korematsu

Hello Everyone!! 😊

     In preparation for the End of the Year Performance, students were working on creating an alternate form of Loteria, a popular and traditional Mexican game of chance. In our class, students enjoy playing bingo to help them memorize vocabulary. Therefore, prior to planning to the performance, I had the students play the original Loteria. Students found the game amusing because of the fast way I would call out the cards. I shared with students that playing Loteria in my family's parties usually gets very competitive because the winner can win a prize or money. In our class, the winner would get tickets, with which they could purchase a prize at the end of the week. 

     Because students really enjoyed playing Loteria, we decided that we would have parents and family members join us for an alternate form of Loteria for the performance. Students spent about six days drawing the deck of cards and board cards. As you will see displayed on the pictures below, the students used white printer paper for the deck of cards and an 11 x 14 inch paper board for the board cards. This was to ensure that the audience be able to see the cards when the students are calling them out on stage. Students made several modification to their Loteria. First, they selected different items for their game and only picked out a few from the original one. Second, they only made 32 items for the deck of cards, whereas the original one has 54. Third, to ensure that we had enough time to play one whole round, students made their board cards 3 x 3 instead of 4 x 4 as in the original. 

    Students had a great time designing the game, therefore we really hope that everyone who joins our game at the performance this Saturday, May 20th has a fun time playing with us! 

The kids at work!:

Board Cards! (Prior to coloring them in)
Finished Deck of Cards

Image result for loteria
This is a picture of the original Loteria!