Wednesday, May 31, 2017


During our last month of Spanish, students learned about Día de las madres en Latinoamérica (Mothers’ day in Latin America). For example, they learned that in México, mother’s day is celebrated on May 10th. Students created a card to share it with their moms 😊

And finally, we created our own Lotería (a traditional Mexican card game). During our open house and last day of Spanish the students and their family were able to play Loteria and learned a little bit more about the amazing work the students did in class.

They also prepared for the end of the year performance! We had so much fun and enjoyed singing “El 🐥 pio”

It was a pleasure being part of every single one of my students’ journey to learn Spanish.  We had so much fun and learned muchísimo!

Que tengan un lindo verano,

Maestra Miriam 📚

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