Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Patwin Elementary-Beginning ASL Class


Hello there! Wow! The semester came to an end so quickly! The past month has been full of amazing games and a lot of fun! 

ASL Jeopardy 
As the students became more comfortable with their signing use, I started playing ASL Jeopardy with them! This game was amazing because it used a lot of American Sign Language such as location, questions, and grammar. At the end of the year, every category had a vocabulary word that the student had to create their own sentence from. 

Parents Day!
As you know, the last day of class was dedicated to the students parents! Parents got to come to class and see all of the work the students did throughout the semester. Each student had put in so much work during the school year. They each got folders to take home. The students LOVED showing their parents their work. 
We also played games such as scavenger hunt, flowerpot, and guess who. Try any of the games at home! 
I hope all of the students had as much fun learning ASL as I did teaching them! 

Carlie Gropp 

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