Saturday, February 25, 2017

Beginner Spanish -North Davis

Nuestro "Libro de comida"
We started second semester by learning new food vocabulary in Spanish. Our class was first introduced to frutas y vegetales (fruits and vegetables).  For this activity we cut out images from grocery  store ads and used them to make our own Libro de comida (Food Book). 

Frutas: Durazno, Fresa, Naranja, Limón, Tomate
We also learned "Meal vocabulary" such as: desayuno (breakfast), almuerzo (lunch), cena (dinner), postre (dessert) y bocadillos (snacks). 

Once we finished our booklets, we shared with our classmates and read to each other what we wrote. Some of us wrote about our favorite foods, vegetables and fruits. While others wrote descriptions of each item. 

We are excited to take our books home and share with our parents.
In addition to frutas y verduras, we also included meat and dairy vocabulary in our books. We were able to use the vocabulary words we learned throughout these past weeks to practice ordering at a restaurant in Spanish.

Palabras de vocabulario

Frutas                Verduras              Carne                          Lácteos
manzana             brocoli                 carne de res                 leche
sandía                 zanahoria            carne de cerdo             queso     
durazno              apio                     carne molida                mantequilla
fresa                   calabacita           pollo                              helado
naranja              espárragos          pavo                               yogurt

Friday, February 24, 2017

Beginning Spanish-Pioneer Elementary School (2016-2017)

FALL SEMESTER: Beginning Spanish at Pioneer Elementary School

During fall semester students learned a variety of topics and vocabulary such as: los colores (colors), animales (animals), el abecedario y vocals (the alphabet and vowels in Spanish), meses del año(months of the year), días de la semana (days of the week), miembros de la familia (members of the family), Figuras geométricas (shapes), útiles escolares (school supplies), and saludos y cómo presentarse (greetings and how to introduce themselves).

Since, my class includes students from Kinder to 3rd grade, I make sure we do activities that are beneficial and fun for every student. We do cuentitos (short stories), art work, flashcards, and presentations. In addition, we love teamwork, to play games, and to watch educational and fun videos 😊






Thank you for your time,
Maestra Miriam

Intermediate Spanish - Pioneer

Dear Parents,

Here is a snippet of what we have done in Spanish class these last weeks. We learned about: La familia, las partes del cuerpo, los animales, la ropa, los meses del año, among other fun topics! I have included some pictures that include vocabulary words, that you can use to practice more with your children at home! :)

Birch Lane- Intermediate Week 19

Hi all, so this week in our Spanish class we have been reviewing family vocabulary as well as working on developing sentences that include "to have" and/or "to give". The kids have been transitioning from describing things they have to describing things those around them have. They have also been practicing questions and how to express their needs politely.

Here are some pictures from this week:

Intermediate Spanish at North Davis


         The North Davis Intermediate Spanish class has learned many topics since the beginning of the year! Some of these include animals and their geographic locations, the body parts, the fruits and vegetables, the numbers 1- 100, the family, holidays, meals, school supplies and how to use the proper articles. 

On this day we learned how to determine if a word is masculine or feminine to add the proper article. 

These pictures show how we practiced writing sentences when learning the days of the week. The questions were: how many days does a week have /  cuantos dias hay en una Semana  , what is your favorite day / cual es tu dia favorito

On this day we learned school supplies, they like writing them out on individual whiteboards 

Beginning Spanish at Birch Lane!


We have covered many topics this year in our Beginning Spanish class at Birch Lane! The past few weeks we have been learning about foods and words used to describe how food tastes. The students have really enjoyed learning about different drinks and they have learned how to describe their favorite drink! Some of their favorite drinks include: hot chocolate/chocolate caliente, juice/jugo, water/agua, and apple cider/cidra de manzana.

They also really enjoyed the unit about fruits and they were able to practice their colors by describing what color the fruit is and if it is sweet or sour. Here is an activity we did to practice the names of the fruits and reading the fruits:

In the previous months, The kids have also enjoyed learning about other topics such as days of the week, months, counting, colors, and parts of the body. A unit that they enjoyed a lot was the unit about animals. They learned how to say cat/gato, dog/perro, turtle/tortuga, butterfly/mariposa, whale/ballena, elephant/elefante, owl/búho, rabbit/conejo, and many more. Here is a photo of the students working in pairs to create a collage of the animals:

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Hasta luego!

Intermediate Spanish-Korematsu Elementary-Second Semester

How our classroom looks every morning as students come in!!
Students in Intermediate Spanish have been learning a variety of vocabulary and themes. So far, this second semester we have reviewed colors, family, school supplies, and have learned  different types of clothing, how to express our emotions and feelings, and fun facts about our family! Students have a daily routine in which we also go over what the day is for the present day, the day before, and the following day. In addition, students are encouraged to share about how they are feeling that morning. Sometimes I have them put their name under the emoji that best describes how they feel, and other days we just share verbally how we feel. For review, students like to match Spanish to English words or translate sentences as the picture below shows. Students use their creativity and art skills to share about their family, clothing, and emotions. Below there is a picture of some of the art work I have collected from them so far. When students finish a project or art work, I have them store it in their red binders, or "carpertas rojas" as we call them. Students are really enjoying the ticket system that we have. When students participate in an activity, answer a question, or simply listen to instructions attentively, I give them tickets. At the end of the week students can exchange their tickets for prizes. 
We hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures that capture a glimpse of what goes on in our classroom 😊😊😊!! 

Our daily routine includes the question: "What day is it today?"
& How students are feeling that morning

Sometimes students translate sentences :)

Art Work & Projects

One of the students' favorite activities is to create their own Bingo cards and play Bingo!

Intermediate French-Davis Art Center


So far we have covered a lot of different topics! Some have been review but we have also been going over some new material like time and professions.  Below are some worksheets we have used to practice.

For professions, I introduced some of the more well known professions and compiled them in a crossword that the kids really enjoyed!  The clues were in English so they had to write all the answers in French.  It was a challenge for them, but they all helped each other out, especially since some of the clues indicated different spellings for the masculine and feminine version, i.e. le danseur (the male dancer) and la danseuse (the female dancer). Some other vocabulary on this sheet include secrétaire-secretary, juge-judge, avocat-lawyer, pompier-fireman, médecin-doctor, étudiant-student, vendeur-salesperson, actrice-actor, vétérinaire-veterinarian.

We also had a lot of fun learning time! The worksheet down below had half the clocks already filled in with a time and the rest were empty.  This allowed me to ask them individually what time it is (Quell heure est-il? Il est 2h30) and tell them the time for the fill ins (Il est 22h10). 

Lastly I recently made some reference posters with common questions, phrases and accents to hang on the wall to help them in class.  This has been a huge aid in allowing them to engage in the target language!
(Shout out to my amazing artistic sister who drew the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Sacré-Coeur which not only looks cool but gave us an opportunity to talk about the well known monuments around Paris!)
À la prochaine! (Until next time!)

Beginning French at Davis Art Center

Thursday, February 23, 2017

St. James Intermediate ASL Class ~ Week 19

So far we have been learning a lot in the St. James Intermediate class! The students have been practicing ASL conversation skills, holiday, clothing, animal, and school signs. Today we played a game of Memory using past ASL vocabulary. We had a lot of fun trying to create a story at the end of the round using the winner's sign cards!

Earlier this year we raced each other in a fun relay game to practice clothing signs. Students rushed to put on pajamas, hats, and sweaters over their clothes before the other team. At the end, we put on a spontaneous fashion show, in which everyone strutted their stuff down the "runway." It was a great show, to say the least!