Monday, December 10, 2012

Beginning French DAC

Bonjour à tous!

This Friday, both the Spanish and French classes at the Davis Art Center will be having a holiday party! Parents are, of course, more than welcome to join us (we would love it if you came!). If you would like to bring snacks to share as well, that would be fantastic.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ultima Semana

Hola a todos/todas!!!

We have come to the last week before our Navidad break. Since the holidays are coming, we'll be working on FOOD!!! Yummi... Que rico!

I'll be emailing you queridos padres about the details on our week lesson as well as on our break party on Friday.

By now, here's some vocabulary, which we'll be learning this week, that you might practice at home at meal times with your kids:

Lunes: Pan (bread), leche (milk), jugo (juice), agua (water), azucar (sugar), sal (salt), galletas (cookies), queso (chese).
Martes: Fresa (strawberry), uvas (grapes), tomate (tomate), piña (pineapple), durazno (peach), naranja (orange), pera (pear).
Miercoles: Brocoli (broccoli), pepino (cucumber), maiz (corn), lechuga (lettuce), cebolla (onion), frijol (bean), zanahoria (carrot).
Jueves: Desayuno (breakfast), almuerzo (lunch), cena (dinner).
Viernes: Review.

Also, here are some fun pictures from our art project on last Friday on the lesson on animals. Each child chose an animal to create a costume (now, please keep on mind we only had 30 minutes to work on it). Some children created their own mask to take home and others preferred to use a premade mask from our TALK material, but they worked on other parts like their feet. Of course, they had to write or say their animal name in Spanish in order to have their picture taken. Can you can please share these pictures with your kids? They were very excited about the pictures being published online. They'll enjoy them!

Oveja (sheep) & Guepardo (cheetah)

Conejo & Caballo (he also had a silla on his back for mounting the horse of course)

Guepardo (cheetah) with new pies

conejo (rabbit)

cabra (goat)

ballena (whale)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dos ultimas semanas

Hola otra vez a todos!!!

I was absent from the blog for some time due to my hectic school work. Since we started sending the envelopes weekly, it wasn't so necessary to publish their work on this blog. Anyway, for those who are still following the blog here are some 'oldies' from previous work from November. These work samples are from our lessons on opuestos/opposites, estaciones/seasons, & familia/family. I was impressed with the creativity and problem solving skills of my students. Look up closely to the pictures, and you'll find out why...





We have only two weeks left! Can you believe it?

As you read on my last email, this week we are working on animals. And, we are having fun! Today, we worked in farm animals, and the children had to present three oral clues, so we could guess what animal they had on their card. Some weeks the envelopes will have less work samples, but that doesn't mean we worked less; on the contrary, it means we were working on other areas such as: kinesthetic & speaking activities.

Next week, we'll work on food just on time for the holidays yummi-to-come days! hmmm...
I'll be emailing more details for that week.

Nos divertiremos!!!

Thank you so much for your support, your ideas and comments in your emails or in person. I had fun working with your children, and hope to see them again after the break!

Happy holidays!!!