Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA...

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA...: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA Birch Lane Elementary school, Intermediate Spanish:  Hola, estimados padres de familia!

This last few weeks have being super fun, and everyone has had a lot of time to learn, have fun, work on their skills, and learn how to write complete sentences and or ask a questions in Spanish. Here is some of our students work, hope you enjoy looking and seen what your children are learning and doing in Class.

At first they started with simple words, and were able to use their creativity and imagination, a lot of them are very artistic and love to draw and here is some of their awesome work;

Then they started to work on something a little more complex and that require more work, practice and skills.

They learned how to ask and write Questions in Spanish.

Then they started writing more, they started writing complete and more elaborated sentences in Spanish.

Thank you Paloma for this great drawing, it sure is a great art work.

 Also, as many of you know I would be leaving T.A.L.K program this week, and I just wanted to say it was a great pleasure teaching all of my students, all of them are great and unique, they will always have a special place in my heart, I really enjoyed teaching them and learning about themselves likes and dislikes. I hope Mr. Ramon also has a great time and that all my students can keep learning and having fun with this amazing program. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DAC Intermediate French January 4th - February 12th

DAC Intermediate French  January 4th - February 12th

Bonjour à tous!

We've covered a lot of material over the past month.




by Chloe


by Tori


by Sam

by Chloe


by Tori

les légumes de Chloe


les cérises de Sam


les fruits préférés de Tori (pêche, abricot, ananas, cérises, nectarines, myrtille et mûres)

by Chloe


by Tori

by Chloe


Bon travail Sam

Bon travail Tori (good job Tori)


Bon travail Chloe

Ask them to sing you this song, but be careful because it really gets stuck in your head!

Savez-vous planter les choux? 

Thank you,

Noureddine Ben Haj