Friday, October 14, 2016

St. James Intermediate ASL Week 5

Carlie & Naira's class at St. James
Intermediate ASL Week 5
Drawing with shapes and colors
In class, we all sat around and took turns describing something to draw. This was to practice the shape and color vocabulary for the week. 

Wednesday, October 12th

As you can see, the class events changed a little bit. The first picture was the plan for the day but then the class ended up learning more than the original vocabulary. We ended with a game of four corners!

A good practice for the students at home would be to have them describe something, then you draw it and take turns to practice colors and shapes.

Next few weeks we will focus on learning numbers and describing a person.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Beginning French 

Danielle's class at Davis Arts Center
September & October 2016

Learning numbers 1-100

 Playing bingo while practicing pronunciation of numbers with repetition.

Learning Family Members

Along with other activities, we created family trees and presented who was who in our families and how we are related. We also spelled out some names on our white board to practice saying letters of the alphabet.