Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'Mis pequeños' training to be zombies during the month of October. They followed my directions one by one totally in Spanish. For instance, I said "right arm in front and upand right hands fingers down. Neck to the right. Left leg in front. Eyes looking up. Tongue pointing down. Left shoulder up, etc."

They really liked this game, they wanted to see how good they look, so I took a pic :)

Dear T.A.L.K Parents,

           It is very exciting to witness how your child can easily pick up a Spanish so effortlessly.
 We personally think that the basic foundation of Spanish language is to master all the phonetic sounds. We noticed within the first week your child had learned the vowel sounds and most of the consonant letter sounds in Spanish. He/She can now identify correctly most mono-syllable sounds. The great thing about Spanish phonetic sounds is that they “never” change! So we hope that they will end the program well equipped to be able to speak and sound,  read and write,  and figure out new words and meanings in Spanish!!
          We also had introduced phrases and vocabulary that we will be using in the classroom to follow directions in Spanish. We had worked with different themes each week, introducing new vocabulary that eventually will help forming complete sentences.
          We have prepared also a list of websites' links that you can use at home with your child to keep practicing phonetics, reading, comprehension, and new vocabulary. The links will be both share in this blog and had been emailed to you for easier access. In addition, your child will take home a package that we have prepared. But, just in case that it does not make it to home, we are attaching an electric copy.  
          Thanks to the parents that had stay in the classroom with us, you are welcome to stay anytime. And we are happy to hear from you, especially any suggestions that you think can help you child in the classroom.


Anabel De Krogstad & Andrea Cervantes.
T.A.L.K Spanish @ Birch Lane 

a   e   i  o  u


a   b   c   d   e   f   g
  h   i    j   k
  l   m   n   ñ   o   p
  q   r   s 
 t  u  v
 w  x  y  z

Ba    be   bi   bo   bu


Que ke      Ce se

Qui ki        Ci si


Da  de   di   do  du
Fa   fe  fi  fo  fu


Gue          ge je

Gui           gi ji


Ha    he   hi   ho   hu
Ja   je   ji   jo   ju
Ka   ke   ki   ko   ku
La   le   li   lo  lu
Ma   me   mi   mo   mu
Na    ne   ne   no   un
Ña   ñe   ñi   ño   ñu
Pa   pe   pi   po   pu
Que   Qui
Ra   re   ri   ro   ru
Sa   se   si   so   su
Ta   te   ti   to   tu
Va   ve   vi   vo  vu
Wa   we   wi    wo   wu
Xa   xe    xi    xo    xu
Ya   ye   yi   yo   yu
Za   ze    zi    zo   zu

Sílabas compuestas
Cha   che  chi  cho  chu
Bla    ble   bli    blo    blu
Cla    cle    cli    clo    clu
Fla    fle   fli    flo    flu
Gla    gle    gli   glo   glu
Kla    kle    kli    klo    klu
Pla   ple   pli   plo   plu
Tla   tle   tli  tlo   tlu
Bra   bre   bri   bro   bru
Cra    cre    cri    cro    cru
Dra   dre    dri   dro   dru
Fra   fre   fri   fro   fru
Gra   gre    gri   gro   gru
Kra    kre   kri   kro   kru
Pra   pre   pri   pro   pru
Tra   tre   tri   tro   tru
Al   el   il   ol   ul
An   en   in   on   un
Ar   er   ir   or   ur
As   es   is   os   us
lla   lle    lli   llo   llu
rra   rre   rri   rro   rru

Ejercicios foneticos
man - men - min - mon -  mun
ban -  ben - bin -  bon - bun
bar - ber - bir - bor - bur
Flar - fler - flir - flor - flur
Chas - ches - chis - chos - chus
Laj - Lej - Lij - Loj - Luj
Tram - trem - trim -  trom - trum
Nac  - nec - nic - noc -  nuc
Pal - pel - pil - pol -  pul
Tad - ted - tid - tod - tud
Blar - bler -  blir - blor - blur
Tap - tep - tip - top - tup

  • Colors      (at the top of the page there are tabs 1, 2, 3,... check out each)
  •  Shapes     (at the top of the page there are tabs 1, 2, 3,... check out each)

  • Vowels, colors, shapes (Phonetic and writing) if your child is ready to be challenge:         (at the top of the page there are tabs 1, 2, 3,... check out each)

  • Video links to practice Spanish phonetics (mono-syllables) by Discovery en Español.

·         Letter “D”  da de di do du

·         Letter “F” fa fe fi fo fu

·         Letter “J” ja je ji jo ju

·         Letter “L”  la le li lo lu

·         Letter “M” ma me mi mo mu

·         Letter “N” na ne ni no nu

·         Letter “T” ta te ti to tu

·         Letter “P” pa pe pi po pu

·         Letter “Q” que qui
·         Letter “S” sa se si so su
·         Letter “V” va ve vi vo vu
·         Letter “C”and “M”  sounds ce ci  man me
·         Sound “CL” cla clo
·         Sound “GLU”
·         Letter “Y”
·         Sounds “FL” fla fle fli flo flu  & “GL” gla gle gli glo glu

  • Practicing sound, building vocabulary and reading full sentences

·         Pa pe pi po pu

·         Sa se si so su

·         Numbers Números  1-10

·         Números 11-20

·         Números 21-30

·         Números 31-40

·         Dias de la semana

·         Los meses del año / months of the year

·         Los vegetales / vegetables

·         Basic Phrases / frases básicas