Monday, May 27, 2013

Adios, no... Hasta pronto!

Hola T.A.L.K. parents!

I just wanted to thank you for participating in our program. Thank you for waking up so early every morning, and making sure the kids would be ready for their Spanish lessons. Thank you for your support throughout these months, and for participating in every activity. Thank you for those little details to show me your appreciation: the thank you cards, the cookies, the flowers, the delicious home-made fruit jams, and all the special details you sent me with your kids.
We hope your kids enjoyed learning a different language as well as we enjoyed teaching it! We look forward  seeing you again after the summer break, and to end, here are some last pictures to enjoy those great T.A.L.K moments:

Happy summer everybody! Felices vacaciones de verano!

Fruit names in Spanish

Aguacate, avocado. For some of them it was a surprise to know avocado is a fruit.

making animales in Spanish with clay - tortuga

making animales in Spanish with clay - ave

making animales in Spanish with clay - tortuga

making animales in Spanish with clay - serpiente

playing restaurant in Spanish 

ordering food in Spanish 

building la casa

casa terminada!

building la ciudad

learning vocabulary (ocupacion-lugar)

ciudad terminada

team work

It was a fun group to work with. Gracias!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

canciones gratis

While looking for fresh songs to greet the children in the mornings, I found this great website from a Colombian project, Canto Alegre (Happy Song), with free songs in Spanish sang by children.

At first, I didn't recognized the project, but when I listened to the songs, I realized I grew up listening to those songs. It's a great project from a non-profit organization, so that's why the songs are free to download because they believe music should be free to be shared with everyone. If you're interested, please check out their great web site:

The page is in Spanish, so if you go to the tab "Descargas," you'll find the option to listen to or download each song, and the lyrics for each the song will be on the right side of the page once you had clicked on one song.

And, here's the link to their main page: