Sunday, January 24, 2016

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA...

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA...: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA, Birch Lane Elementary school, Intermediate Spanish:  Hola, estimados padres de familia!

As you know this  Thursday January 28 is the end of our first semester, and our New TALK Spanish Classes would start on February 1st, please do not forget to enroll your student. I hope most of my students would join me for this upcoming semester.
This past week 01/19-21/2016, we learned about school objects and supplies found in the classroom. Here is the vocabulary list that we went over.

New vocabulary:  Classroom/school supplies for Tuesday;
1.   salón de clase (aula)
2.   computadora = computer
3.   calendario = calendar
4.   ventana = window
5.   pared = wall
6.   mapa = map
7.   puerta = door
8.   televisión – television
9.   teléfono = telephone
10.  mesa = table
11.  luz = light
12.  bandera = flag
13.  cartel = poster
14.  cesta/ la basura = trashcan
15.  reloj = clock
16.  sacapuntas =pencil sharpener
17.  fregadero = sink
For Wednesday.
1.   armario = closet
2.   jabón = soap
3.   toallas = towels
4.   piso/ suelo =floor
5.   silla = chair
6.   pupitre = student
7.   pizarrón/ la pizarra = whiteboard/chalkboard
8.   la cinta = tape
9.   tijeras =scissors
10.  pegamento = glue
11.  engrapadora = stapler
 And for Thrusday we had a memory game, where students had to write ten words in Spanish, if they spell them right, they would each get one point for each word.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beginning French Class at Davis Arts Center

Hello again readers! This week I taught my class how to say some vegetables and fruits in French. 

January 19, 2016 - January 22, 2016

Les légumes: la pomme de terre (potato), la salad, un oignon, des petits pois (peas), le champignon (mushroom), la carotte, les haricots verts (green beans), le concombre, le blé (corn), le brocoli

We played a game in class where everyone took turns being the teacher and they each had to say a vegetable that was written on our board to the class. Everyone had to then draw the vegetable and by the end of the game we had created some beautiful vegetables! Ps... I like to let the students draw the different things they are learning in class so that they can see the word visually and also because they really enjoy coloring and being creative! 


Thank you for reading!

-Danielle Preston

Beginning French Class at Davis Arts Center

Hello everyone! I am Danielle, the new beginning French teacher at the Davis Arts Center. I am currently a French major at UCDavis and I am minoring in French because I would like to be a French teacher in the future. I am in love with the French language and culture and I am very excited to work with children. I am going to share with the parents and anyone interested in our TALK program what we did on our first week back from winter break. 

January 4, 2016 - January 8, 2016

This week I focused on reviewing the things that the students had learned the weeks before winter break. The topics we reviewed include:

-Days of the week (lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche)

-The 12 months of the year (janvier, février, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre,                novembre, décembre)

-The years 2015 (deux mille quinze) and 2016 (deux mille seize)

-Counting to 20 (un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, seize, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, treize, quatorze, quinze, seize, dix-sept, dix-huit, dix-neuf, vingt)

-Basic colors (bleu, orange, rouge, vert, noir, blanc, rose, violet)

-The four seasons (le printemps, l'hiver, l'automne, l'été)

-Zoo animals and farm animals (le poulet, la vache, le canard, la chèvre, la cheval, la souris, le cochon, le mouton, l'oiseau, le chien, le chat, le lapin, le serpent, la girafe, l'éléphant, le lion, le singe)

-Parts of the face (le nez, les yeux, les sourcils, les cils, les lèvres, les joues, le menton, les cheveux, les oreilles, la bouche, les dents, le front)

-Parts of the body (les genoux, les jambes, les bras, le ventre, les épaules, les pieds, les mains, les doigts, la tête)

We did some fun activities throughout the week! One day we each drew a self portrait as I would name off the different parts of the face in French. This is a great group activity because the #1 rule is that we can not speak English so if one student does not know the words I say, then they must get help from their peers as they draw their pictures. The next day I had each student take turns drawing a different body part on our class white board to make one big body with no head. I then combined our head drawings to our big body drawing and we successfully created a six-headed monster! P.s... Our friend Lucy in class thought the monster needed trois nombrils (three belly-buttons)!!

Thank you for reading!

-Danielle Preston

Monday, January 18, 2016

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Intermediate Spanish

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA, Birch Lane Elementary school, Intermediate Spabusg: Helo estimados padres de familia!

On Tuesday 01/12/16; the intermediate Spanish students has a little activity where they had to look at various clothing articles and name them and label them in Spanish, the team was formal wear. Here is the work of a few students: Thank you Paloma, Justin and Alec for such great job.


For our last activity of the week, on Thursday 14/2016

Students had an activity call "vestir la muñeca"/dress the doll

where they cut out pieces of clothing and glue them to a doll, label the clothing in Spanish and if they wanted named them and make up a story. Everyone had so much fun and some students were so creative. Students were able to learn and have fun in the process. Here is their amazing art work;


Maestra Monserrath.

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA...

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA...: Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Intermediate Spanish, Birch Lane : Hola padres! I wanted to show you a little bit of what your children have being learning in my Intermediate Spanish Class. Sorry about the late blog, but I just activated my account and figure out how to post my blogs.

This past week 01/11-14/2016 we learned about formal and casual wear, and places where you could wear this kind of clothing.

Formal wear; students saw the words in Spanish and they have to either guess or say what that word means in English, if they did not knew the word, I would give them clues until they figure out, if they were still not sure, I told them what that word was in English.

1.     blusa


2.     Abrigo de

Fur coat

3.     Calzado ;


4.     Camisa


5.     Chaleco

Vest (USA)

6.     Corbata


7.     Falda


8.     Traje de



High heels  



 Pantalones de




Students had to also write the words in a white piece of paper both in Spanish and English, so they can both hear, see, write and learn the words. 

Here is a few examples of my students work. :) 



Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Intermediate Spanish, Birch Lane

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Intermediate Spanish, Birch Lane: Hola padres! I wanted to do introduce myself. I am Monserrath Rodriguez (Miss Monse) the Intermediate Spanish Teacher at Birch Elementary school. I started teaching since September, and it has being a great experience. I graduated from UC Davis on 2014 with a Spanish BA, and I am currently taking my tests for teaching credentials to hopefully become a full-time Spanish teacher.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pioneer Spanish Class

Hello Parents!

First of all, I would like to say that it is a pleasure to have your kids as my students. They are very intelligent, active, and energetic. They always keep me on my toes and I love playing games with them. I would like to share with you what we have been doing in Spanish class this Fall semester.

Hello/Hi = Hola
Good Morning = Buenos Días
Good Afternoon = Buenas Tardes
Good Night = Buenas Noches
Goodbye = Adiós

Red = Rojo
Yellow = Amarillo
Orange = Anaranjado
Blue = Azul
Purple = Morado
Green = Verde
Brown = Marrón
Pink = Rosa
White = Blanco 
Black = Negro 

Circle= Circulo
Square = Cuadrado
Triangle = Triangulo
Star = Estrella
Rectangle = Rectangulo
Diamond = Diamente
Heart = Corazon
Pyramid = Piramide
Sphere =  Esfera
Notebook = Cuaderno
Paper = Papel
Backpack =  Mochila
Chair = Silla
Scissors = Tijera
Pencil = Lapiz
Pen = Lapicero
Eraser = Borrador
Markers = Marcadores
Book(s) = Libro(s)
Mother = Mamá
Father = Papá
Brother = Hermano
Sister = Hermana
Cousin(female) = Prima
Cousin(male) = Primo
Grandmother = Abuela
Grandfather = Abuelo
Uncle = Tío
Aunt = Tía
Son = Hijo
Daughter = Hija
Up = Arriba
Down = Abajo
Left = Izquierda
Right = Derecha
Backward = Atras
Forward = Adelante
Head = Cabeza
Shoulders = Hombros
Knees = Rodillas
Feet = Pies
Eyes = Ojos
Eyebrows = Cejas
Nose = Nariz
Ears = Orejas
Mouth = Boca
Hands = Manos
Fingers= Dedos
Arms = Brazos
Elbow = Codo
Legs = Piernas
Neck = Cuello
Chest = Pecho
Hair = Cabello
-          Turtle/la tortuga, Dog/el perro, cat/el gato, fish/el pez, mouse/el ratón, rabbit/el conejo, snake/la serpiente, frog/la rana, bird/el pájaro, spider/araña
-          Chicken/el pollo, goat/la cabra, pig/el cerdo, cow/la vaca, duck/el pato, turkey/el pavo, horse /el caballo, , sheep/la oveja, goose/el ganso, donkey/el burro
-          Elephant/el elefante, lion/el león, giraffe/la jirafa, tiger/el tigre, fox/el zorro, monkey/el mono, gorilla/ el gorila, bear/el oso, wolf/el lobo
-          Skunk/el zorrillo, raccoon/el mapache, squirrel/la ardilla, dolphin/el delfín ,whale/la ballena, shark/el tiburón, sea,/la foca, butterfly/la mariposa

Monday = Lunes
Tuesday = Martes
Wednesday =  Miércoles
Thursday = Jueves
Friday = Viernes
Saturday = Sabado
Sunday = Domingo
January = Enero
February = Febrero
March = Marzo
April = Abril
May = Mayo
June =  Junio
July = Julio
August = Agosto
September = Septiembre
October = Octubre
November = Noviembre
December = Diciembre
Maestra Claudia