Monday, January 18, 2016

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA: Intermediate Spanish

Teach Another Language to Kids (T.A.L.K.) Davis CA, Birch Lane Elementary school, Intermediate Spabusg: Helo estimados padres de familia!

On Tuesday 01/12/16; the intermediate Spanish students has a little activity where they had to look at various clothing articles and name them and label them in Spanish, the team was formal wear. Here is the work of a few students: Thank you Paloma, Justin and Alec for such great job.


For our last activity of the week, on Thursday 14/2016

Students had an activity call "vestir la muñeca"/dress the doll

where they cut out pieces of clothing and glue them to a doll, label the clothing in Spanish and if they wanted named them and make up a story. Everyone had so much fun and some students were so creative. Students were able to learn and have fun in the process. Here is their amazing art work;


Maestra Monserrath.

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