Saturday, October 27, 2012

Y se acabo Octubre!

Hola papas & mamas!

This week, we'll have a lesson related to time: days, months, seasons, and time (hours).  It'll be also a great review week for previous lesson such as: numbers and days of the week.

Also, there are three new agent jobs besides the so well-known by now: "hola agent" and "adios agent." From this week on, we'll have three new agentes in charge of telling us what day of the week is, how is the weather like, and what time is it throughout out the class.

Finally, the folder T.A.L.K. project will start this week. This week, we'll work on its decoration. Starting this and every Friday, I'll be sending the folders home, so you can see some work samples of what we did during the week. You can keep them at home, and return the folders on the following Monday. In addition, don't forget to check out in the folder what award of the week your child received as well as any additional message that I might send.  You might also send me messages through this medium.

Ok, I'll be posting more pictures & another review from the past two weeks soon...

Que pasen un buen fin de semana! (Have a great weekend!)

Teacher Lucia :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DAC Beginning French


These past two weeks have focused on animals and the alphabet.

When we discussed animals, we played our typical games and also worked on our animal book project. Each day, the kids would add a page containing an artistic rendering of an animal that we learned that day and it's name (and also learning how terribly difficult it is to spell words in French using phonetics). For example, we learned the word for bird, pronounced [wazo] but spelled oiseau. Bizzare, non? 

Last week, we learned the French alphabet and worked on a giant alphabet poster together throughout the week.

We also tried something different and talked a bit about France and French culture. The kids should be able to tell you all about the Louvre in Paris, about how the Mona Lisa is actually known as la Joconde in France, how to say the Eiffel Tower in French (la tour Eiffel), and about the Paris-Brest bicycle race and the pastry created to commemorate it.

Next week will be a bit of review and we will also start learning Halloween vocabulary!

That's it for now, bon weekend, et à lundi! Have a nice weekend, and see you all on Monday!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Buenas Ideas!


Buenas Noticias! While looking for some fresh ideas for our activities, I found three great websites with online games in Spanish. I know this new generation loves computer games, so what a better way to review or learn Spanish vocabulary while having fun at the same time?

Please check them out:

Also, esta semana (this week) we'll be working on  Opposites/Opuestos. If you would like me to email you the lesson plan, don't hesitate to email me requesting it. It'd be my pleasure to share with you how much fun we'll have this week while learning opuestos!

In addition, since some of their work was getting lost in their way to home for some students, and thanks to some of your suggestions, I decided to do a folder or personal portfolio instead.
This week we'll be in the process of creating them, and I'll be sending them home over this or next weekend, so you can check out some work samples of what we have worked on.
But, I have a question for you parents: Would you prefer to check the folder weekly or monthly?
 Please leave your comments below.


Nos vemos el Lunes!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Partes del cuerpo review

Here are some of the pictures from our activities to learn the different parts of the body in Spanish as well as from our last week on review from the past five weeks.

We did lots of speaking and kinesthetic activities too, but I prefer to take pictures of their work samples only. As you can see, we did some cutting of cabezas, ojos, labios y otros. We also traced our bodies and drew them in order to label their parts in Spanish. We had lots of card board (really more like hand-made) games such as: bingo, loteria, go fish, and memory to learn partes del cuerpo and do our review on previous lessons.

During our review week we also repeated the "top five" activities that the children have been requesting to have again. Today, we wrapped up the week by playing Twister using Spanish vocabulary for colors, shapes, and parts of the body. We had so much fun, that after everyone got a turn, I even played  at the end, and the kids made it challenging with commands like: "cabeza en amarillo!"

Also, because today was "Viernes de Premiacion" we handed out the weekly awards for positive behavior during the week. Ask your children what award they got as every child got one! Did they get El madrugador, el participante, or la amigable?

Finally, One activity that you can practice at home with your child this weekend is to review  parts of the body by playing: Simon says show me/touch your...(part of the body). Try these at home, and let me know how it goes:

Simon dice:

Show me your CABEZA  (head)
Show me your OJOS  (eyes)
Show me your BOCA  (mouth)
Show me your OREJAS (ears)
Show me your PIES (feet)
Show me your MANOS (hands)

Meet My Familia!

Hola Queridos Padres!

This week we'll be focusing on Families. We'll learn how to call your family members: mama (mother), papa (father), hermano(a) (siblings), abuela(o) (grandfather/mother), etc. In addition we'll be using vocabulary from previous lessons to describe our families such as: colors, parts of the body, numbers, and me gusta/no me gusta.

I'll be emailing you more details on how to participate on the activities.

Also, since October is the the month of Hispanic heritance, I wanted to share this activity that will be happening this Sunday in Sacramento. To be honest, this will be my first time attending to this Hispanic Latino parade, but if you're interested on getting more involved with the Latino culture, here's a great opportunity. It's free and family-oriented:
Have a great weekend!

Nos vemos el Lunes!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Semana de Repaso

Buenos Dias Queridos Padres!

This week, we'll have a review over what we've learned from the past 5 weeks. We'll also repeat some of the activities that the kids loved like the shape-color twister and la ronda Juguemos en el bosque.

Also, I wanted to remind you all that we are supposed to start classes at 7:40 am. Since this is such a short class, we need to utilize our time effectively as much as possible. Please arrive with your child before this time, so we can all start class by 7:40 am. Gracias!

Nos vemos mañana!

Teacher Lucia