Saturday, October 20, 2012

Buenas Ideas!


Buenas Noticias! While looking for some fresh ideas for our activities, I found three great websites with online games in Spanish. I know this new generation loves computer games, so what a better way to review or learn Spanish vocabulary while having fun at the same time?

Please check them out:

Also, esta semana (this week) we'll be working on  Opposites/Opuestos. If you would like me to email you the lesson plan, don't hesitate to email me requesting it. It'd be my pleasure to share with you how much fun we'll have this week while learning opuestos!

In addition, since some of their work was getting lost in their way to home for some students, and thanks to some of your suggestions, I decided to do a folder or personal portfolio instead.
This week we'll be in the process of creating them, and I'll be sending them home over this or next weekend, so you can check out some work samples of what we have worked on.
But, I have a question for you parents: Would you prefer to check the folder weekly or monthly?
 Please leave your comments below.


Nos vemos el Lunes!

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