Friday, October 12, 2012

Partes del cuerpo review

Here are some of the pictures from our activities to learn the different parts of the body in Spanish as well as from our last week on review from the past five weeks.

We did lots of speaking and kinesthetic activities too, but I prefer to take pictures of their work samples only. As you can see, we did some cutting of cabezas, ojos, labios y otros. We also traced our bodies and drew them in order to label their parts in Spanish. We had lots of card board (really more like hand-made) games such as: bingo, loteria, go fish, and memory to learn partes del cuerpo and do our review on previous lessons.

During our review week we also repeated the "top five" activities that the children have been requesting to have again. Today, we wrapped up the week by playing Twister using Spanish vocabulary for colors, shapes, and parts of the body. We had so much fun, that after everyone got a turn, I even played  at the end, and the kids made it challenging with commands like: "cabeza en amarillo!"

Also, because today was "Viernes de Premiacion" we handed out the weekly awards for positive behavior during the week. Ask your children what award they got as every child got one! Did they get El madrugador, el participante, or la amigable?

Finally, One activity that you can practice at home with your child this weekend is to review  parts of the body by playing: Simon says show me/touch your...(part of the body). Try these at home, and let me know how it goes:

Simon dice:

Show me your CABEZA  (head)
Show me your OJOS  (eyes)
Show me your BOCA  (mouth)
Show me your OREJAS (ears)
Show me your PIES (feet)
Show me your MANOS (hands)

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