Sunday, October 21, 2012

DAC Beginning French


These past two weeks have focused on animals and the alphabet.

When we discussed animals, we played our typical games and also worked on our animal book project. Each day, the kids would add a page containing an artistic rendering of an animal that we learned that day and it's name (and also learning how terribly difficult it is to spell words in French using phonetics). For example, we learned the word for bird, pronounced [wazo] but spelled oiseau. Bizzare, non? 

Last week, we learned the French alphabet and worked on a giant alphabet poster together throughout the week.

We also tried something different and talked a bit about France and French culture. The kids should be able to tell you all about the Louvre in Paris, about how the Mona Lisa is actually known as la Joconde in France, how to say the Eiffel Tower in French (la tour Eiffel), and about the Paris-Brest bicycle race and the pastry created to commemorate it.

Next week will be a bit of review and we will also start learning Halloween vocabulary!

That's it for now, bon weekend, et à lundi! Have a nice weekend, and see you all on Monday!


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