Friday, February 24, 2017

Beginning Spanish at Birch Lane!


We have covered many topics this year in our Beginning Spanish class at Birch Lane! The past few weeks we have been learning about foods and words used to describe how food tastes. The students have really enjoyed learning about different drinks and they have learned how to describe their favorite drink! Some of their favorite drinks include: hot chocolate/chocolate caliente, juice/jugo, water/agua, and apple cider/cidra de manzana.

They also really enjoyed the unit about fruits and they were able to practice their colors by describing what color the fruit is and if it is sweet or sour. Here is an activity we did to practice the names of the fruits and reading the fruits:

In the previous months, The kids have also enjoyed learning about other topics such as days of the week, months, counting, colors, and parts of the body. A unit that they enjoyed a lot was the unit about animals. They learned how to say cat/gato, dog/perro, turtle/tortuga, butterfly/mariposa, whale/ballena, elephant/elefante, owl/búho, rabbit/conejo, and many more. Here is a photo of the students working in pairs to create a collage of the animals:

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Hasta luego!

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