Friday, February 24, 2017

Intermediate Spanish-Korematsu Elementary-Second Semester

How our classroom looks every morning as students come in!!
Students in Intermediate Spanish have been learning a variety of vocabulary and themes. So far, this second semester we have reviewed colors, family, school supplies, and have learned  different types of clothing, how to express our emotions and feelings, and fun facts about our family! Students have a daily routine in which we also go over what the day is for the present day, the day before, and the following day. In addition, students are encouraged to share about how they are feeling that morning. Sometimes I have them put their name under the emoji that best describes how they feel, and other days we just share verbally how we feel. For review, students like to match Spanish to English words or translate sentences as the picture below shows. Students use their creativity and art skills to share about their family, clothing, and emotions. Below there is a picture of some of the art work I have collected from them so far. When students finish a project or art work, I have them store it in their red binders, or "carpertas rojas" as we call them. Students are really enjoying the ticket system that we have. When students participate in an activity, answer a question, or simply listen to instructions attentively, I give them tickets. At the end of the week students can exchange their tickets for prizes. 
We hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures that capture a glimpse of what goes on in our classroom 😊😊😊!! 

Our daily routine includes the question: "What day is it today?"
& How students are feeling that morning

Sometimes students translate sentences :)

Art Work & Projects

One of the students' favorite activities is to create their own Bingo cards and play Bingo!

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