Saturday, February 25, 2017

Beginner Spanish -North Davis

Nuestro "Libro de comida"
We started second semester by learning new food vocabulary in Spanish. Our class was first introduced to frutas y vegetales (fruits and vegetables).  For this activity we cut out images from grocery  store ads and used them to make our own Libro de comida (Food Book). 

Frutas: Durazno, Fresa, Naranja, Limón, Tomate
We also learned "Meal vocabulary" such as: desayuno (breakfast), almuerzo (lunch), cena (dinner), postre (dessert) y bocadillos (snacks). 

Once we finished our booklets, we shared with our classmates and read to each other what we wrote. Some of us wrote about our favorite foods, vegetables and fruits. While others wrote descriptions of each item. 

We are excited to take our books home and share with our parents.
In addition to frutas y verduras, we also included meat and dairy vocabulary in our books. We were able to use the vocabulary words we learned throughout these past weeks to practice ordering at a restaurant in Spanish.

Palabras de vocabulario

Frutas                Verduras              Carne                          Lácteos
manzana             brocoli                 carne de res                 leche
sandía                 zanahoria            carne de cerdo             queso     
durazno              apio                     carne molida                mantequilla
fresa                   calabacita           pollo                              helado
naranja              espárragos          pavo                               yogurt

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