Friday, May 19, 2017

Intermediate Spanish at Korematsu

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     In preparation for the End of the Year Performance, students were working on creating an alternate form of Loteria, a popular and traditional Mexican game of chance. In our class, students enjoy playing bingo to help them memorize vocabulary. Therefore, prior to planning to the performance, I had the students play the original Loteria. Students found the game amusing because of the fast way I would call out the cards. I shared with students that playing Loteria in my family's parties usually gets very competitive because the winner can win a prize or money. In our class, the winner would get tickets, with which they could purchase a prize at the end of the week. 

     Because students really enjoyed playing Loteria, we decided that we would have parents and family members join us for an alternate form of Loteria for the performance. Students spent about six days drawing the deck of cards and board cards. As you will see displayed on the pictures below, the students used white printer paper for the deck of cards and an 11 x 14 inch paper board for the board cards. This was to ensure that the audience be able to see the cards when the students are calling them out on stage. Students made several modification to their Loteria. First, they selected different items for their game and only picked out a few from the original one. Second, they only made 32 items for the deck of cards, whereas the original one has 54. Third, to ensure that we had enough time to play one whole round, students made their board cards 3 x 3 instead of 4 x 4 as in the original. 

    Students had a great time designing the game, therefore we really hope that everyone who joins our game at the performance this Saturday, May 20th has a fun time playing with us! 

The kids at work!:

Board Cards! (Prior to coloring them in)
Finished Deck of Cards

Image result for loteria
This is a picture of the original Loteria!

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