Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Intermediate Spanish at North Davis Elementary

Sadly the semester has come to an end, but looking back it was a great year! The kids learned so much and in such a short time! To conclude our last week we made a book called Todo sobre mí / All about me. This activity helped us review: introductions, me gusta/I like, no me gusta/I don't like, la familia/the family, mi favorito/my favorte, and much more!

 The following pictures are from throughout the semester.
Here they are playing the tossing target game I laid out multiple squares and each was worth either 1 or three tickets. I asked them a question, for example, como se dice engineer, decribe una manzana, cuando es tu cumpleaños and etc. If they got the question right they would throw it, if not we would review together, then they would have a chance at throwing it.

  It was a pleasure having each and every one in my class! We all had an amazing time together learning Spanish! Thank you all for your time and commitment! Have a great summer!

! Muchas gracias!
Maestra Joceylne

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