Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Intermediate Spanish Class Last Week of MAY!

Hello Parents and Friends!

During our last week of Spanish, students reviewed some of the topics we learned throughout the year by drawing and listing them on a poster wrap paper. We divided the poster into sections so that each student worked on one of their favorite topics. Liam, for example, worked on greetings and useful phrases and drew two people having a casual short conversation. Ava loved learning about food, so she listed food items and wrote a sentence about what she had for breakfast that morning. The topic of clothing really stuck with Alyssa, so she decided to draw and write about that. John also helped with school supplies, since we used these tools a lot in our class to facilitate our learning.

 Students also played "Adivina Quien Y Que" (Guess who and what) to review professions, body parts, house rooms and appliances, and animals. We gave each color group a number and students would pick a number that had a description of the vocabulary word from the card, and students had to guess who or what the vocabulary word was. This activity encouraged students to really understand the sentences that were describing the word, and served as reading practice for those reading out the descriptions. It was a fun educational game! 

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Thank you so much for this great year! 
Enjoy your summer :)


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