Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beginning Spanish at Birch Lane in May!

The kids had such a fun last month in Spanish class at Birch Lane!
At the beginning of the month, the kids learned about Mother's Day in Mexico and that it is celebrated on May 10th in Mexico instead of being the second Sunday of the month. For this, the kids colored, cut out, and decorated a card to give to their moms on Mother's Day!

Another lesson the kids enjoyed was learning about professions. They were able to come up with a large list of professions and also they learned how to say the professions they wished to be when they were older! The list of professions they wanted to be varied from granjero/a (farmer), cientifico/a (scientist), musico/a (musician), maestro/a (teacher), and presidente (president). As part of the activities to review these professions, we played pictionary, hangman (but instead of drawing a man, we drew a house or a flower pot), and the kids also drew pictures of the professions they wanted to be as when they got older.


And finally, we had the end of the year performance! The kids from Birch Lane had a great time at the performance and they did so well with the game we played! They were given a category and they had to tell me a word that began with a specific letter in that category. All of the kids had so much fun playing and showing their families how much they had learned in class throughout the year!

Just like the kids, I had such a great time getting to know each and every one of them and being a part of their journey to learn Spanish. They all learned so much in such a short amount of time and I we all had a blast doing it! Thank you all so much for your time and commitment to the learning of the kids and I am going to miss beginning my days with them every morning! I had an amazing time with them this year! Have a great summer!

Maestra Alicia

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