Thursday, November 13, 2014

DAC Beginning French November Update

Hello Parents!

It's been a little while since I've posted, and in that time your kids have continued to blossom! We had a good time with Halloween and learning a number of vocabulary words & French Halloween traditions, as well as playing games.

In the most recent weeks we have worked a lot on animals of the farm, zoo and sea, the days of the week/months of the year/seasons. We've been having a lot of fun watching videos and working on pronunciation, all while playing games and making their French learning experience as fun as possible.

Here is a list of animals we worked on!

Les Animaux (Animals)

Les animaux de la ferme (farm animals): (pronunciation in videos provided)

le poulet/la poule (a chicken)
le coq (a rooster)                                                    This video is really good for learning the animals
les poussins (chicks)
la chèvre (a goat)
le cochon (a pig)
le dindon (a turkey)                                                This video was a hit with the kids! (Animal sounds)
le cheval (a horse)
le chat (a cat)
le chien (a dog)
le mouton (a sheep)
l'âne (a donkey)
le canard (a duck)
la souris (a mouse)
la vache (a cow)
la grange (a barn)

Les animaux du zoo (zoo animals):

l'ours (a bear)
le lapin (a rabbit)
le loup (a wolf)
le serpent (a snake)                                                This video has good pronunciation help
la tortue (a tortoise)
le singe (a monkey)
la girafe (a giraffe)
le panda (a panda)
l'éléphant (an elephant)
le tigre (a tiger)
le zèbre (a zebra)
le lion (a lion)
le panthère (a panther)
le chameau (a camel)
le coyote (a coyote)
le léopard (a leopard)

Les animaux de la mer (sea animals):

le dauphin (a dolphin)
le pingouin (a penguin)                           This video has good pronunciation help (& more words)                     
le requin (a shark)
la baleine (a whale)
la méduse (a jellyfish)
le crabe (a crab)

I gave the kids coloring pages and we did some counting and coloring activities to bring everything together. They really enjoyed the animal noises video and I promised I would send it to you parents so they could watch at home. I hope to continue to pull from the animals throughout the rest of the time we are together, as it is a fun subject and one they will remember as they grow up.

Here is what we worked on this short week. Some of these words had already been mentioned, they are now learning them formally. They wanted to know how to sing the Happy Birthday song, which we will be learning tomorrow, but I felt that in order to sing the song they should know how to say when their birthday is, or what the date is!

Les mois de l'année (The months of the year):
JANVIER                                            L'HIVER ( WINTER )
AVRIL                                                 LE PRINTEMPS ( SPRING )                HERE is a video 
JUILLET                                             L'ÉTÉ ( SUMMER )
OCTOBRE                                         L'AUTOMNE ( AUTUMN )

Les jours de la semaine (The days of the week):
MERCREDI                                           This video is just a simple song
SAMEDI                                             This video is how I learned the days of the week in my first
DIMANCHE                                                         French class! (More difficult, but catchy)


Aujourd'hui = today
Demain = tomorrow
Hier = yesterday
Prochain(e) = next 
Dernier(e) = last 
Préféré(e) = preferred / favorite

Aujourd'hui c'est jeudi le 13 (treize) novembre.
Demain c'est vendredi le 14 (quatorze) novembre.
Hier c'était mercredi le 12 (douze) novembre.

Le mois prochain est décembre.
Le mois dernier était octobre.

Mon jour préféré est vendredi.
Mon mois préféré est décembre.
Ma couleur préférée est bleu.

If you have any questions at any time, I am always available by email, or come in and see me before class. Things are continuing to go very well and I really look forward to coming in each morning to see what the day has to offer.

Merci à tous, et à bientôt!
Rachel Martin

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