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Beginning Spanish: Weeks 7-12

¡Hola padres!

We're nearing the end of first semester Beginning Spanish, and I'm so excited about how much the kids have learned!

Here is a overview of what we have done these past few weeks in the Davis Art Center...

Week 7- Pronombres personales, la familia, las direcciones y el día de los muertos

We reviewed the personal pronouns that they had learned the week before by playing Spell it!
Spelling forward

Spelling brother
  I also introduced the directions: left, right, up, down, forward and backward.  To make sure they understood it, I had them pair up and guide each other through our maze using the directions in Spanish.

The last two days were spent learning and making crafts about the day of the dead.
Coloring their masks after a quick review

Coloring their sugar skull masks

Watching a video about the day of the dead



Week 8- Los animales

This week they learned about all sort of animals: pets, on the farm, in California, in the zoo and in the ocean.

The first game of the week was Draw it! where i would say a color and an animal they had just learned and they'd have to race across the room to draw it before the other team.

Draw it!

Girls team
Boys team
The second game of the week was Act it out, where I would call out an animal and the kids would have to act like that animal until the next one was called.


The third game was Where do they go?, where the kids would pick an animal from a pile in the middle and place them in the correct category on the wall.

On the last day, we reviewed all the animals with a PowerPoint I had been using all week and made paper bag puppets!
The kids made tigers, cats, a cow and a fish!

Week 9- Números

This was one of our short weeks and in three days the learned how to count from 1-31! First, I had them write the number out and write the number in Spanish in their notebooks. To make things more fun for them, I brought out the beach ball and had them play catch! They had to count the number of throws they did, and if the ball dropped the count started all over.

We also played BINGO, order the numbers, and Count the eggs, where I placed various colored eggs around the room and had them run around and count how many of each egg there was.

Arranging the numbers in the correct order

Week 10- Días de la semana y meses en el año

The first day, we reviewed the numbers, colors and shapes by playing Draw it! I would say a color, shape and a number, and the kids would race to draw it correctly.

To introduce the days of the week, I played Learn the days of the week in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS! and had them write it down in their notebooks. To see if they learned it, I placed the days of the week in Spanish around the room.  I would then call it out in English and they would have to stand under the correct word.

I also introduced how to say yesterday was/today is/tomorrow will be by having them say the correct day at the beginning of each class.

Then I taught them the months in a year by having them associate it with their birthdays first. Then we wrote down the months in English/Spanish in their notebooks. This week, we also started the calendars they took home after the last day of class in diciembre!

Week 11- Las estaciones

This was another short week, only two days! I first had them associate the seasons with a drawing that represents that specific season.  I would first draw the tree and have them tell me what seasons they thought it was in English.  Then I would write in what it was in Spanish!

I also had the kids separate the months based on the seasons, and make a mini book with things you would find in each season. They also kept on working on their calendars!

Week 12-Opuestos

This week was all about opposites! The first day, I had them draw what their world would be like if everything was the opposite.

The next few days were spent filling out and reading through this Los Opuestos/The Opposites  book I created for them. I would quiz them throughout class asking them what the opposite of ______ was. They also finished up their calendars during the last two days of class fro the week, which turned out great!

Lastly, here is the List of terms for Weeks 1-12 which summarizes all the things they have learned in my class!


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