Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello ASL Parents of Teacher Shelley's Class!

Hello ASL Parents!

T.A.L.K. Program | ASL Class | Teacher Shelley 

Deaf Culture Lessons
The Deaf/ Hard of Hearing has their own community and culture. This week, students learned “attention getting” methods that are valued within the community. These methods include; tapping on the shoulder, asking others to acquire one’s attention, walking and waving one’s hand in his or her eyesight, tapping on the floor or table, and flickering of the lights.

ASL Lessons
Students have learned how to sign greetings, goodbyes, and useful commands. Some examples are listed below: 
  • My name (fingerspell name).                       
  • See you soon!                                                   
  • You sign (fingerspell the word) how?         
  • What (sign) mean?                                          
  • You understand?                                             

  • Yes, I understand.                                           

First Day of Fall
The students used leaves, crayons, and with their creativity they made these Fall inspired drawings while they learned related vocabulary. 

The students learned the following theme words: Fall, turkey, pumpkin, tree, leaf, green, red, brown, yellow, and gold. 

Following Weeks...
We will learn in-depth the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes! 

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  1. love it! thanks for sharing the words/vocab learned! Rachelle