Monday, October 30, 2017

Korematsu Elementary-Beginning Spanish Class

Hola estimados padres de Familia!

For the past weeks we have covered different themes such as fruits and vegetables, shapes and colors.

For fruits and vegetable we covered the following:

Fruits: Fresa-Strawberry ,uvas-grapes, platano-banana, naranja-orange, manzana-apple, piña-pineapple, Sandía-watermelon, mango-mango, pera-pear y cerazas-cherries.

The following are two samples of their work with fruits

 For the vegetables we covered: Borcoli-Broccoli, Cebolla-Onion, Chile-Chili, Zanahoria-Carrot, Papa-Potato, Berenjena-Eggplant, Jitomate-Tomato, Hongo-Mushroom, Elote-Corn, Lechuga-Lettuce
And while we did not do drawings of vegetables we certainly play a game name "Lotería" which is a Mexican game similar to the game bingo. Instead of saying bingo the students say "Lotería" and they win if all the cards on the sheet of paper are called out.

Here are some of the pictures of the "Lotería"cards:

We review the colors by orally stating the color of fruits and vegetables

On the 6th week we covered Shapes Such as:

Estrella-Star, Cuadrado-Square, Trianguolo-Triangle, Circle-Circulo, Rectángulo-Rectangle, Corazón-Heart

The students created the shapes with popsicle sticks and they trace and match each shape with the name of the shapes.

In the following are pictures of their work with the shapes and slight view of their work for Halloween

I apologize for not writing a blog for the first weeks, nevertheless I hope you enjoy seeing some of the work your children have been doing in the past weeks. I am very honor and happy to work with your children and I hope they are enjoying the many activities in class. If you have any concerns or comments feel free to contact me. 

Maestra Lizeth

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