Thursday, March 15, 2018

Beginning Spanish- Birch Lane

Hola Padres!

This past month we have learned so much! We learned new Spanish vocabulary regarding the following topics: Months of the years, Days of the Week, Adjectives,  Questions and Feelings. The students enjoyed creating different art projects, writing as well as singing.  

During this past month we traveled to our favorite places. Through this activity the students were able to describe their favorite place by answering questions we learned such as "Donde?" (Where?), "Cuando?"(When?), "Quien?" (Who?), "Que?" (What?), "Cual?" (Which?), "Como?" (How?) and "Por que?" (Why?).



We also had the chance to sing along to a Spanish months and week songs as well as create our mini calendars. Through these calendars the students were able to relate each Spanish month to an activity they do during that month.



Although we enjoyed using our imaginations and creativity to make these projects we also had the opportunity to write and play fun games!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what the students have learned this past month. I look forward seeing what this next month has in store for us!

Maestra Sandra

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