Sunday, September 23, 2012

¿Que aprenderemos esta semana?

Buenos Dias!

From now on, every Sunday I'll be writing a brief note on what topics we'll be working on each week. Remember if you want to know the curriculum more in detail, you could check out the print out I post every Monday at the classroom's door, or you might request an electronic copy at my email:

Well, for this week we'll have LOTS of fun! Being the child of a teacher, I grew up learning lots of vocabulary, writing & reading fun games during my childhood. So, I decided to incorporate some of those games for this week:
- Veo Veo (I spy)
- De la Habana viene un barco cargado de ... (vocabulary game)
- STOP game (writing activity)
- Juguemos en el bosque ( ronda- acting out game)

(Here's a link to the ronda we'll play on Friday for reviewing routines:)

Ask your children to teach you the game after we play it at the classroom, and they can also play it with their siblings at home. That would be a great review of Spanish vocabulary while having fun at home!
This week we'll focus on numbers and daily routines, which includes: body parts & parts of the house. Since all these topics are related to each other, we'll have one holistic curriculum.

The book we'll read this week is Muchas Palabras Sobre Mi Casa by Richard Brown, and the song we'll work with this week will be in a  different  format. Instead of learning typical songs like "head-shoulders-knees & toes", we'll do a musical activity more age appropriate for them. We'll listen at this song from the Brazilian group Barbatuques, who is a well-known group for children, who make music with their bodies. I know Brazilians speak Portuguese, but the quality of this group is beyond comparison; in addittion, in our group we have a child with Brazilian heritage, so I'm sure he'll appreciate it. He could also help us with the translation even though I also found the lyrics in English. The objective of this activity is to identify body sounds and name what body part makes what sound in Spanish.

Here's the link to the video, just in case you want to gather more information about this group:

Nos vemos esta semana!


  1. Wow! Great music and what a fun game. I really appreciate that you are introducing these games and music to the children. I feel so lucky that not only is my son getting to hear and learn Spanish, but a rich culture as well! Thank you for all your hard work. You are doing a fantastic job.

  2. Thank YOU! It's my pleasure to work with them everyday & see their progress!