Monday, January 28, 2013

Beginning French- Korematsu

Bonjour à tous!

Je m'appelle Johanne! I'm a new teacher with TALK at Korematsu Elementary and enjoying it very much so far :)

We finished up our semester learning about "les vêtements" (clothing) and reviewing "la famille." We dressed up some dolls and drew each other's families. 

The upper doll is wearing  "une robe" and the lower "une jupe, un t-shirt, et des lunettes de soleil." (Forgive me, I am unable to rotate the image!)

Alex drew some of her family members for us!
 For the next two weeks we are going to learn about "la nourriture"- food!! What is your favorite French dish? Personally, j'adore la quiche!

Bon appétit et à bientôt!

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