Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vamos a comer!

Hola a todos!

Here's a brief review from two weeks ago. The CASA project is still ongoing. It will continue to its second week, so we can learn well the new vocabulary. The pictures from this project will be coming next weekend.

Also, since some parents asked me, during our food lesson, how to order in Spanish at a restaurante, here's the information for everyone:

- To order from the menu you could say: " Yo Quiero...(the meal) por favor" - I want...please.
- Gracias - Thank you
- To ask for the bill you could say: "La cuenta por favor." La cuenta - The bill-check
- Propina -  Tip

Here are some pictures from the review week on the food lesson, and a role play activity we had on practicing how to order at a restaurant. The children created their own menus too. Enjoy them!

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