Thursday, February 7, 2013

DAC Beginning French

Salut tout le monde!
If you've been wondering what the beginning French class has been doing for the past couple of weeks, here is an update!

Last week, building on the food vocabulary that we learned the week before, we learned about breakfast, lunch and dinner, and how to set a table à la francaise. Jada even brought in croissants for the class on Friday so that we could fully understand the importance of breakfast and appreciate how delicious croissants are. It isn't enough to just talk about them in class. You have to eat them too.

This week we have been doing a comprehensive review of what we have already learned. Monday, we talked about feelings, then shapes on Tuesday (with Sophia one of the lovely French subs), clothes on Wednesday (with Nicole, our wonderful TALK president), and today, we reviewed parts of the body. We are currently working on a collage, and those will be up here hopefully. Jackson's already looks very promising! Here are some drawings that the class created on Monday, depicting how they felt that morning.

Jada est heureuse! :)

et Chloé aussi. :)

Cependant, Jackson est étonné. :O

Alexis est heureuse aussi! Elle nous souhaite une bonne Saint Valentin (mais un peu en avance). :)

Sam est fâché. >:(

Maya est triste. ):

I was glad to see that at least half of my kids were happy!

We will start learning about parts of the house next week! 

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