Friday, April 19, 2013

La ciudad

Hola a todo(a)s!

After two weeks of intense 30-minute work sessions, I'm very proud & happy to share the ending result of our project on building a small city. By a majority of votes, la ciudad was named: Hollywood
Along the way, we reviewed vocabulary on different places of the community such as: el hospital, la panaderia, el parque, la estacion de bomberos, etc. We also introduced the unit on occupations, which will continue into next week when we do our review on articles: la enfermera, el cocinero, la policia, etc.  All of the following ideas you'll see came from those little curious & creative minds:

La jugueteria (toy store) by Ken & El restaurante by Alee

Tyler helping to write the ocupaciones and the lugar (place) where they work

The pieces of clay on the road are not accidental. They are either: carros (cars) or estatuas .

Tyler made a big pancake-parking lot for La panaderia (bakery)

Their creativity goes to their smallest details: a football  made out of clay on top of  el estadio

Even though,  we introduced  a lot of vocabulary during the project,
making  the signs helped them to associate the names

A better view of una estatua (on the right) & extra decoration  for la panaderia. Do you see the croissants on the roof?

The tower for UCD implied some problem-solving skills for Luca because he had to figure out how to stand it without letting it fall.

Madi was very creative on making libros (books) para la biblioteca (library).

Sean also inspired us with his passion for sports. He created a very detail estadio with a score board and everything! Of course, you can tell what's his favorite team by looking at the score he wrote...

Ken has one of the greatest memories, I've ever seen!  Here, he's helping us to review the vocabulary.

Taking a break from building to review the vocabulary

Building, building, building!
Alee designed the sign for the name of our ciudad: Hollywood. See the final result in the final picture.

Discussing how to make people out of clay for the occupations in our town.

Writing signs in Spanish

The best part of projects: working as a team!

Last picture showing their work proudly. 

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