Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review before the break

Here are some pictures of the extensive group work we did prior to our spring break. We review key lessons such as: colors, parts of the body, food, questions,and  days of the week.

It got so busy working in groups, that I just had time to take pictures of what we wrote on the board after the children were gone, but we did an extensive review. My favorite activity was making our own food bingo because the children didn't limit themselves to the words they already knew, but they also were very curious about asking about all kinds of common and unusual kinds of food... you'll understand better when you see the vocabulary they asked me by saying: Como se dice...?

Also, Get ready for our greatest project after the break: building our own mini-town to introduce two lessons: places of the community & occupations. Lots of fun, learning &  pictures coming up!!!

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