Sunday, February 23, 2014

Korematsu Beginning Spanish

Hola Padres!!!

Time flies! We're almost to the end of Feb. and our TALK Beginning Spanish class has had a ton of new material!

A topic that we have been exploring for the last several weeks is food/comida! While we learn a lot of vocabulary in the class I have also started integrating a full sentence in our weekly activities.
We started of with fruits and vegetables:


The sentences we studied for this topic were:
My favorite fruit/vegetable is .....
Mi fruta o vedura favorita es.....

After fruits and vegetables we have gone over snacks, drinks, and everyday foods. Also, the naming the food according to the meal, either desayuno, almuerzo o cena and postre/dessert.

This upcoming week we will learn vocabulary for meal preparation like wash, cut, cook, heat etc.
And I will also be integrating full sentences that they can use at home :)

Happy Sunday and have a good week! :)


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