Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beginning Spanish for the Month of January@ Pionner School

¡Vamos a divertirnos!

Welcome back to Spanish class, it has been a great year and a new one to continue the great fortune. I am excited to start a new session with the kids. I hope to see them all and keep flourishing to a new beginning!

The activieties that were given during the first week this month of January consisted in activities that consited of learning about body parts. In this activities we had games such as pictionary, drawing their own person and playing memory games. In the other weeks we learn about fruits and vegetables. We played with play do to made our favorite fruits or vegetables and playing the 20 question game.

Some of the vocabulary for January:

Body parts: cabeza, hombro, brazos, manos, piernas, rodillas, pies, pelo, ojos, boca, nariz, dedos

Action verbs: jugar, brincar, correr, caminar, cruzar los dedos, cruzar los pies

Fruits/Vegetables: naranja, zanahorria, uva, manzana, cebolla, freza, tomate, cereza, elote

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