Monday, December 30, 2013

Pioneer Elem Beginners Spanish: December 9-12, 2013

Hola parents,

Just a quick overview of what we did in class the last week in December before going to break of the T.A.L.K. program at Pioneer Elementary!

We had a lot of fun learning about the opposites and then incorporating the Christmas theme in it by having them distinguish from a big (grande) present to a small ( pequeño) present, coming in and out of the classroom to establish that outside was cold (frío) and inside was hot (caliente), etc.

The kids learned about Christmas terms in Spanish like Santa Clause (Santa Claus), snow man (hombre de nieve), gingerbread man (hombre jengibre),  Christmas Tree (árbol de Navidad) and candy cane (bastón de caramelo). I had them then draw a picture of that term and then converted the picture into an "Aguinaldo Navideño" with treats for them to take home. They even helped me decorate a small Christmas tree in the classroom and got to earn extra stars by pointing out details in the decorations themselves that they had previously learned in class. For instance, there were decorations that were different colors, shapes, quantities, and had the Christmas terms in them. Their job was to point out what they remembered learning in the past that the tree ornament contained. I was impressed in how much they were able to point out!!! I am very proud of the class and am excited to see them again on Monday January 6, 2014!

Maestra Auri

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