Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pioneer Elementary- Beginners Spanish December 2-5

Hola Parents,

Feliz Domingo! Happy Sunday! I just wanted to update you all on the enjoyable week we had. On Monday, the kids began putting together a yearly calendar. Each student had the opportunity to pick a month of their choice, preferably the month of their birthday, to decorate. This was a three-day project and was amusing to see how focused they can get when it came to decorating their favorite month!

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to incorporate the birthday theme into our lesson plan by actually celebrating two December birthdays. This worked out very well because the kids had the opportunity to practice their Spanish birthday terms during the birthday celebration. We had balloons and a "piƱata" which was filled with small toys instead of candy. We even sang the birthday song in Spanish! Even Maestra Auri had a blast!

Please be on the look out next weekend for another blog on this weeks events. Christmas will be one of our themes!

Thank you parents once again and remember that there will be no class next week December 16, 2013-January 2, 2014. Class will resume January 6, 2014.

Maestra Auri

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