Thursday, December 12, 2013

End of the year. ¡Felices Fiestas!

Hola a todo/as!

Well, we've come to the end of another great year. This year was different due to a greater group size, but every student contributed in a different way. With respect, we helped each other, and learned from each other. We had lots of great activities at TALK, and here are some of the latest pictures:


In pairs, the students asked each other which vegetables they prefered in Spanish by saying:
¿Te gusta .... o ... ? Then, they wrote down the answers. Here are some sample worksheets:

*Note ambos means both & ninguno means none of them.

Numeros Lesson + Me gusta-Mi favorito (I like- My favorite) + Animals & days of the week review

Some of the children's responses I most enjoyed reading about their preferences:

 I was very impressed with the creative book covers the students designed for their story book of preferences:

Viernes de Pachanga

Every Friday, we either learned about a new Latin American/Spanish musical rhythm or we learned about some Spanish instruments. Here are some pictures from our lesson about Colombian instruments. 
The students created: Guacharacas, Acordeones & Cajas. 

Guacharacas -   tubes with ridges

Acordeones - Accordions

Cajas - Drum-like instruments

We used these
 instruments to play vallenato

Some of the features of this particular Colombian rhythm, which we discussed in class. 

Vamos al Restaurante - Ordering at a restaurant in Spanish

Each child, randomly picked one of these roles: cocinero/a (chef), mesero/a (waiter), or cliente (customer)

Los cocineros "prepared" the food orders using homemade clay

Los meseros  took orders in Spanish, and los clientes ordered food in Spanish.

We took turns to make sure everyone had a chance to participate in a different role

Happy Holidays everyone! We'll see you next year! 2014 

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