Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beginners Spanish @ Pioneer Elem- Month of January 2014

Hola parents!!!

The month of January was filled with unmeasurable excitement!!! Not only because the activities were exciting but because the kids returned to class from a very relaxing winter break. They were truly missed!

Okay, quick summary of the events that month:

During week one, the kids learned about the various body parts in Spanish and had fun playing with post-its as we pretended that our body parts were replaced by post-its. I had the kids write each body part on post-its and paste them on each body part. The fun and laughter came in when we pretended to be movie characters or act out scenes in movies that caused certain post-its to fall off. This gave the kids an opportunity to use their imagination and act as though their boca (mouth) or their pierna (leg) fell off. Also, as they worked practicing the body parts they had the opportunity to incorporate numbers in the activity by pointing out how many ojos (eyes), orejas (ears), dedos (fingers), etc they had.

As another review the following week, I had the kids watch three videos of song animals in Spanish but incorporating the body parts by asking them to point out certain dance moves and the body parts involved in them. The three songs were: "El baile del gorila", "el baile del sapito", and "el baile del perrito". The link to the one of the videos is posted below in case the kids want to listen to the song at home. For some reason the other two videos could not load.


Maestra Auri

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