Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pioneer Elem- Beginners Spanish February 2014

Hola padres,

We hope everyone is doing great! For the month of February, we learned a lot about yummy foods in Spanish!

The kids learned about dairies, meats, fruits and vegetables, beverages, and ways of ordering food in a restaurant in Spanish. The kids had fun playing "Cruze la montaƱa si te gusta ...."(Cross the mountain if you like...), a guessing game where the kids had to guess the name of the image, a racing game where the kids had to race with a plastic spoon in their mouths trying to keep the plastic food from falling to the ground, the food pyramid twister game, and hang man on the white board.

To test their knowledge, Maestra Daisy and I combined classes and assigned them restaurant roles. They were also shown a visual demonstration of a restaurant setting and along with its vocabulary. Their roles consisted of a cook, a customer, a waitress or waiter, a cashier  etc. Attached below is the image and vocabulary if you want the kids to practice at home.

And here are pictures of the in class activity: Pretending to be in a restaurant setting.

Finally, we celebrated a birthday this month. Happy 10th Birthday Alex!!! The kids sang the happy birthday song in Spanish and played "twister" as suggested by Alex. They had lots of fun and received party treats. 

If you all have questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you parents for being awesome!

Maestra Auri & Maestra Daisy 

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