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Intermediate Spanish- Week 3-6

¡Hola, papas!Just wanted to update you all again with the material we have cover in class and give you an update on how the class is going. I can't believe that we are already in week 7th of Spanish class, but I am pleased with what the kids have learned. I will again put all the vocabulary words we have covered, so you can practice with your kids anytime!

    I recently, started a point/star system, in which the students get a stars for coming on time, for participating, showing good behavior and take out starts away for disruptive behavior. At the end of the week, whoever has more stars gets a prize from the prize bag. So far, this system has worked well and every student has been participating. Also, I started to do a point system/star where is the teacher vs. the students. The only way they can a star if the whole class is participating and paying attention if not, I will receive the star. If the students get more stars than the teacher, they will get the chance to pick a fun activity/game they want to do at the of month or they will be a delicious treat for them.

    Here is a quick recap of the class: Everyday  for the first 4-5 mins of class I always do review with them of the words we have learn so far. I usually make flashcards of each word to put up in the board for the kids to come up, say the word in spanish and write in english. They also started to write all their vocabulary words in the journals at the of the week so they can keep track on what they have learned.

Week 3:

      In week 3, we focus on the Spanish alphabet. By now, it seems like all the kids know their alphabet, which I couldn't be any happier. I introduce the alphabet with a spanish song and went over each letter with flashcards and pictures. The first two days or so, I had them create their own picture alphabet book, which came out great. (Part one was tracing the letter. Part two writing words that begin with that letter and lastly draw a picture that began with that letter)Having them think of words that began with that letter was a bit of challenge, but I was able to introduce a lot of new vocabulary words ----->new words that they learned 

For review for week 7: We played a game of Snakes of Ladders using the alphabet by making the game life size. (I put all the letters spread out in the floor in the form of the board game). The kids had to role the dice and walk to the letter. Standing on the letter, they had to say the letter in Spanish, the sound it made and a word that begin with that letter. The kids absolutely enjoyed it!


Link to alphabet song/sounds of letters : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8MlEtSdJx0  

Other activities that has help them remember the alphabet:
- Game of bingo with the alphabet 
- At the of the week we played another game, which the kids enjoyed. I cut out the letters and put them all around the studio floor. I had the students move around/dance while music was playing. (They all seem to love the song called "Voy a Vivir"- by Marc Anthony) which some of them know part of the lyrics now. Once the music called, they had to step on a letter and tell me either the sound it made or a word that began with that letter. 

Week 4: Synonyms and antonyms -Sinónimos y antónimos
-We spent the whole week learning synonyms and antonyms.
Vocabulary words:

Pequeno-Grande: Small/Big
Alto/bajo: Tall/Short
Afuera/Adentro : In/Out
Caliente/Frio: Hot/Cold
Rapido/Despacio: Fast/Slow

Limpio/Sucio: Clean/Dirty
Feliz/Triste: Happy/Sad
Arriba/ Abajo: Up/Down
Dia/Noche: Day/Night
Joven/ viejo: Young/Old
Cerrado/Abierto: Close/Open
Vacio/lleno: Empty/Full


-The kids had the chance to make collages using these words. They had to write the opposites words or either draw/paste a picture that explain the two pair of words.
Lento-Rapido,  Frio-Caliente,   Grande-Pequeno 

-We also played a memory game, which the kids enjoyed while it also worked to test what they knew. (The cards were faced down and they had the find the two pair that matched. However, they were able to keep the pair if they knew what the word meant in English.
Memory game/Review of words

-Another activity:(Race with Synonyms and antonyms) Each student was giving a small white board to either draw the synonyms/antonyms words or write it down. In this game, I called out a word and whoever wrote it or drew the picture with the word that went together receive a point. 
Race with Synonyms and Antonyms

The last game we played with the words was another race game. I posted all the words in the wall and pictures that describe the word. I had two kids go against in where they needed to run to the wall to see who could find the correct word/picture first that matched with the word I called out loud. Ex) HOT-  they needed to look for the word Cold.    

Review: At the end of the week for review I had them go up to the board, pronounce the words and match it with the pair by connecting the word to other side of the board with a dry marker.

Week 5'-6

In week 5, we focused on learning different school supplies and things around a classroom
Here is the following words:
Silla- Chair
Puerta: Door 
Ventana: Window

Day two:
Mesa- Table
Tijeras: Scciros

Day 3:
Calculadora- Calculator
Regla- Ruler
Crayones: Crayons
Mochilla: Backpack
Globo- Globe 

“Around the Room” worksheet.  In the two different worksheet, they copied the Spanish word for the classroom objected picture. Second they wrote the spanish words from above next the English words.

- Game: Again we played a game of Jeopardy using the school supplies/classroom objects, since the kids are always asking to play that game. I put the kids into teams and they had sound buzzers to answer the questions (For example "Como se dice Pencil en Espanol" -Lapiz. Each team was giving points if they answered the question correctly.

Jeopardy game with school supplies

-We also, played a game of bingo using the words that we learned. By playing bingo the kids get the chance to hear the words over and over,  which it helps them remember.

-Fun friday game: 
we played a game to review called "Que hay en tu mochilla?"- What's in your backpack?" (I had the kids use their backpacks to play this game) I had two kids go against each other and had them be on opposite side of the room. Every time I called a school supply in spanish, they had look in their backpacks to see if they had the supply I was looking for. The first one to find it and put inside the basket that was in the middle of the class room got a point. This game gave them the opportunity to review the words and move around. The kids loved this game!!
                                                  Look at their excitement! lol 

Week 6: Body parts
In week 6, we focused on learning different body parts. I was happy that by the end of the week mostly all the kids knew all the words we covered. I wanted to cover body parts, since Halloween is around the color, which would be a nice transition into next week for Halloween/Day of the Dead.
Here is the following words we learned

Brazos: Amrs

Pies- Feet
Rodillas: Knee

Cuello- Neck
Ceja- Eyebrows 

Codo- Elbow 
Espalda- Back
Mueca- Wrist

Activity: Worksheet- The kids had the chance to draw the parts with the given body part words next to it.

Link to body parts review:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTrFeTDdXqU

Activity/ game: We played a memory game using the words and pictures that I made for them. The students had to match the body part word with the correct picture, but the only way they were able to keep the pair was if they could tell me the wold in English.

                                                                                                                                                                    Activity/game: For review I put all the body pictures in that wall and the kids needed to tape the body part word with the correct picture. 

Activity: We spend the last 2-3 day working on art project that involved them tracing their own bodies. They had the chance to work with each other, paint their outlines bodies with paint and label all the body parts they learn, The kids really enjoyed doing it since they though it was pretty cool thing to have. 

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