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DAC Beginning French 2014-2015

Bonjour parents!

I have been sending emails with the information that will now be more easily found here. I will post what we've learned in class as well as how you can practice this with your children and various ways to obtain extra practice such as youtube videos or other websites with fun French activities.

This week in class we did a lot of fun things. We revisited colors and numbers (I will provide information on how to review this at home easily). We also learned the alphabet in French and words that start with each letter. The last thing that we did in class was that I read them the French version of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" ("Poisson Un, Poisson Deux, Poisson Rouge, Poisson Bleu"). This week was very informative but a lot of repeat information, which made it kind of hard for the children to focus. When we did hangman today I was thoroughly impressed with their ability to remember the words and sounds for the letters, so although they didn't like the process the end product was great!! They asked to sing the alphabet song every day, which got a little tiring for me twice a morning each morning, but was great for them to continually practice sounds and have a way to remember it for potentially the rest of their lives!

Here is [most] what we have learned in class so far: (*Note the kids know the phrase "comment dit-on ____ en français/anglais" "How do you say ______ in French/English" so this could be a very helpful tool for vocabulary learning!!)
  • Greetings such as "bonjour" "salut"  "bonsoir" and "bonne nuit" as well as "ça va?" and the responses to that "ça va bien/mal/comme ci, comme ça."
    They also learned how to say "Je m'appelle ____" ("My name is _____"). The leading question to that is "Comment t'appelles-tu?" (What is your name?) which they are barely beginning to comprehend.
  • Other Basic Words such as monsieur, mademoiselle, madame and the differences between those. Also "merci" "de rien" "s'il vous plaît".
  • Colors  Red = Rouge, Orange = Orange, Yellow = Jaune, Green = Vert, Blue = Bleu, Purple = Violet, Pink = Rose, Black = Noir, White = Blanc, Grey = Gris, Brown = Brun. (Here is a video with some examples on pronunciation;
    A really good way to practice this is to ask constantly "what color is that?" about their shirt or anything around them. In French this would be to ask "C'est quel couleur?" (a really informal but easy question.) (pronounced sey kell coo-lure?)
  • Numbers  1-100, I regularly practice with them however after 50 counting can get a little tricky (Here is a video for practicing the numbers A good question to practice with this would be "Il y a combien?" / "How many are there?". We also practiced "Quel âge as-tu?" "How old are you?" and the answer "j'ai __ ans" / "I am __ years old". 
  • Last thing that I can think of is the alphabet - This is the link for the song that we practiced ; Words highlighted on the list below are ones I did not write the term down when we went over it in class. I am providing alternate words that the kids may not know, and which we will go over on Monday.
    A - abeille, avion             N - nez, neuf
    B - ballon                         O -  oiseau, oeuf                            
    C - camera, chat               P - parapluie, pomme
    D - deux, doigt                 Q - quatre, question
    E - elephant                      R - requin
    F - fleur, fille                    S - soleil (sun)
    G - gâteau                         T - tomate (tomato)
    H - hibou, horlage            U - un
    I - île, iglou                      V - vache
    J - jupe, jus                      W - wagon (train car)
    K - kangorou                    X - xylophone 
    L - lion, livre                    Y - yaourt (yogurt)
    M - main, mouche            Z - zèbre (zebra)
  • We also worked on in class commands and how to say "I need help/I need water".

I am sure there are more things that we have learned in class, however these are the main things we work on daily. In the week coming up we will be learning school supplies and/or family words and practicing the concepts we've learned so far. I plan to do a lot of activities with coloring pages and movement so that it isn't just me speaking to them the whole time and they can have a lot more of an opportunity to do things that will help them remember the concepts we learned.
I would like to stress to please drop your children off on time so that we may get the maximum amount of work done as possible. There have been some problems with this this last week in particular.

These kids have been such a pleasure to work with so far, and are helping me learn just as much as they are! It's a wonderful experience day to day, and a great way to start off each morning. If you have any questions or concerns at any time feel free to contact me at!

Merci à tous, et et j'espère que tu peux pratiquer le français avec vos enfants!!!
Rachel Martin


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