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DAC Beginning French 2015 - Clothes and Food

Bonjour parents!

Since coming back into the program from vacation, we have been going over two of the most popular subjects - clothes and food! Below are the lists of words, some videos, cultural information and other resources for this 3 day weekend.

(Les vêtements) 

Pants     un pantalon                                                           Shoes   des chaussures
Jeans     un jean                                                                  Socks   des chaussettes
Shorts   un short                                                                 Jacket   une veste/un blouson
Skirt     une jupe                                                                Overcoat   un manteau
Dress   une robe                                                                Bathing Suit  un maillot de bain
Men's Shirt    une chemise                                                 Sandals     des sandales
Women's Shirt (Blouse)     un chemisier                           Sweater    un pull
Suit (Male)       un costume                                                Boots     des bottes
Suit (Female)    un tailleur                                                 Gloves    des gants
Earmuffs   un cache-oreilles                                               Scarf  une écharpe/une cache colle
Shirt    un tee-shirt                                                             Makeup   le maquillage

(Cacher - to hide, thus the words for earmuffs and scarf involve "hiding" the respective parts of the body [ears and neck])

These are some really good pages for practicing both recognition of the above vocab (and more) as well as pronunciation!!
Exercises 1 - Men's Clothes
Exercises 2 - Women's Clothing
Exercises 3 - Winter Clothing

Below is a link to a series of videos regarding shopping at a French department store Printemps (Side note: if you are ever in Paris, the view from the top of Printemps is marvelous!There's a café where you can grab lunch and see the city from high up. Plus, you can get some good shopping done!)

FOOD - la nourriture

Videos: The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French
Téléfrancais (je suis un ananas!)
Food Vocabulary

There are a lot of vocabulary words for food - so be prepared!

A MEAL = un repas BREAKFAST = le petit-déjeuner LUNCH = le déjeuner DINNER = le dîner
** The word entrée in French refers to an appetizer, not the main dish. Also, the French breakfast is much different than ours. They primarily eat omelettes and crêpes for dinner and have bread with cheese, jam, butter, nutella, etc for breakfast. My personal French breakfast favorite is a pain au chocolat (a croissant with chocolate in it, and the ones at Starbucks don't even begin to compare to those in France!!) French people typically have their favorite Pâtisserie/boulangerie that they visit nearly every day to pick up delicious fresh bread and pastries. Their stores are not like ours where they walk in and can buy everything at one place, though there are supermarchés like that it is more often that you would walk to the pâtisserie (pastries), boulangerie (bakery, bread) la boucherie (meat),  le marché (outdoor market), la crémerie (dairy), la fromagerie (cheese), etc...
All of the above information is stuff I didn't have time to go over in class, but the kids may be interested in.
Rick Steves on Paris Street Shopping

Fruits les fruits
Cherry une cerise               Apple une pomme              Orange une orange
Raspberry une framboise   Banana une banane            Pineapple un ananas
Strawberry une fraise         Blueberries des myrtilles     Pear une poire
Lemon un citron                Lime un citron vert              Pomegranate une grenade
EXERCISES FOR FRUITS - includes new words

Vegetables les légumes
Cucumber le concombre     Broccoli le brocoli              Spinach les épinards
Lettuce la laitue                  Carrots les carottes              Radish le radis
Onion l'oignon                    Celery le céleri                     Potato une pomme de terre
Peas les petits pois          Green Beans les haricots verts    Pumpkin la citrouille
EXERCISES FOR VEGETABLES  - includes new words

Drinks les boissons
Water l'eau   Juice (orange juice, apple juice) le jus (d'orange, de pomme)
Sparkling Water l'eau gazeuse Hot Chocolate le chocolate chaud    Iced Tea le thé glacé
Soda le soda        Smoothie un smoothie                 Tea le thé
Coffee le café       Lemonade la limonade

Bread le pain                 Crepes les crêpes             Croissants les croissants    Fries  les frites
Spices les épices            Salt le sel                          Pepper   le poivre
Meat la viande              Chicken le poulet   Pork le porc   Steak le steak    Ham le jambon
Eggs les oeufs               Butter le beurre                  Milk le lait
Rice le riz                      Spaghetti les spaghetti         Pasta les pâtes
Salad  la salade              Soup la soupe                    Sandwich un sandwich

Desserts les desserts
Pie une tarte     Ice Cream la glace 
French Desserts

I'm hungry     J'ai faim
I'm thirsty      J'ai soif
Do you want.....?        Tu veux......?
I would like....            Je voudrais....
A cheesy video about ordering in a café

I encourage you to read about French food from the links below:
Food and Eating - About France
Rick Steves - Eating in France
More details about meals
Top 10 Foods in Paris (This one made my mouth water!)

Here are some more activities:
French Food Activities (Warning: the page is brightly colored, and kind of hurt my eyes - just beware)
Pinterest French Food!

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