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Week 7-12 (Intermediate Spanish)

¡Hola, papas! Just wanted to update you all again with the material we have cover in class and give you an update on how the class is going.I will again put all the vocabulary words we have covered, so you can practice with your kids anytime!

For week 7, we mostly did review and fun activities for Halloween and El dia de Los Muertos (Day of the dead)
First, we reviewed the alphabet and play a life size game of snakes and ladders! The kids role a diced and whatever spaces they will land they will have to tell me the letter they landed and a word that began with the letter.

Review of opposite words:
Big/small- Grande/Pequeno
Short/Tall- Bajo/ Alto
In/Out- Adentro/Afuera
Hot/Cold- Caliente/ Frio
Fast/Slow- Rapido/Despacio
Dirty/Clean- Sucio/Limpio
Happy/Sad- Feliz/Triste
Up/Down- Arriba/Abajo
Night/Day- Noche/Dia
Young/Old- Nuevo/viejo
Close/Open- Cerrado/Abierto
Full/Empty- Lleno/vacio

Activity: Memory game- The students had chance to pick a card and try to find the card that matches. 
Review school supplies words
Silla- Chair 
Puerta- Door
Ventana- Window 
Lapiz- Pencil
Papel- Paper
Escritorio- Desk
Pluma- Pen
Borrador- Eraser 
Cuaderno- Notebook
Libros- Books
Calculadora- Calculator 
Regla- Ruler
Sacapuntas- Sharpener
Crayones- Crayons
Mochila- Backpack
Activity: We played a game of bingo to refresh their memory :)

Dia de los Muertos; We made our own skeletons, papel picado skeleton masks and watch a short fun clip for the Day of the dead! Oh and I can't forget about the delicious hot chocolate we had! :)

                                                                   Skeleton masks!

                                                                    Papel picado   (linked to the dia de los muertos clip)

Week 8: Focus: Seasons/months/days of the week/holidays  (Temporadas, meses, dias, dias de las semana)

Primavera- Spring
Verano- Summer
Otono- Fall
Invierno- Winter

Activity: Book of the Four Seasons: We used paper bags to create our own books for this activity. The students drew pictures that represented the season and wrote down a sentence for each page relating again to the specific season. 
ex) Vamos a la playa durante el verano  (15 mins)

                                                    Making their own season books!
 Days of the week: 
Lunes- Monday
Martes- Tuesday
Miercoles- Wednesday
Jueves- Thursday
Viernes- Friday
Sabado- Saturday
Domingo- Sunday
Activity: Hangman using the days of the week words and jeopardy!

                                          Worksheets review on the days of the week!

Week: 9: Focus: I like/I don’t like and My favorite is../ Me gusta/ No me gusta/ Mi Favorito es..
In week 9, we practice writing full sentences using the sentences on top. The kids created a list of the things they like, don't like and wrote about their favorite things!

Activity: 6 sentences flip book- A mi me gusta... / No me gusta. After they were done they got to share their own books with the class in Spanish.
Activity: Me gusta/ No me gusta/ Mi favorito: Using these starting sentences we played a game of telephone, which the kids really enjoyed. It was fun to see how the sentences change after the last person. The kids were really creative with their sentences by the way! 
Activity: (Headband game) In this game, I used all the words they wrote down on their charts of the thing they did and didn't like. I gave each student a word to put on their heads and they had to guess what word it was by asking their classmates questions. 

Week: 10    Focus: Family/Thanksgiving week
Introduce new vocabulary: 
Mama (madre) - Mother
Papa (padre)- Father
Hermano/a- Brother/ Sister
Abuelito/a, - Grandpa/Grandma
el hijo/la hija - Son/ Daughter 
Tio/a,- Uncle/ Aunty
Primo/a- Boy cousin/ Girl cousin
Media hermano/a- Stepbrother/ Stepsister
Bebe- Baby
Gemelas- Identical twins
                     Activity: Worksheet (family ties) Each student had the chance to practice writing down family members in Spanish. I also had them go up to the board and write 2-3 family members. 

                                Activity: The students got to practice the vocabulary words by making their own family trees!
On thanksgiving the kids got made a tree where they got to write things they were thankful for and made their own turkeys!

 Dia de Accion de gracias!
Activity: The kids also review the vocabulary words by playing a game of jenga! Eah block had a family member written and they had to say what it was in English.

Week 11: Focus-Animals 
Introduce new vocabulary words: Animales del bosque- Animales from the forest
Oso- Bear
Mapache- Raccoon
Ciervo- Deer
Zorro- Fox
Ardilla- Squirrel
Buho- Owl
Pajaro carpinternno- Woodpecker
Rana- Frog
Serpiente- Snanke
Hormiga- Ants
Gusano- Worm

The kids made their own animal books!

House pets: Moscotas 
Gato- Cat
Perro- Dog
Pez- Fish
Pajaro- Bird
Conejo- Bunny

Animales safari:
Leon- Lion
Tigere- Tiger
                                                                        Puma- Puma

Review+matching animals in the caregories

Animales de granja- Farm Animals
Vaca- Cow
Gallina- Hen
Puerco- Pig
Caballo- Horse
Pollo- Chicken
Oveja- Sheep
Cabra- Goat 

Activity/game: The kids made their own little farm house using paper bags and flashcards of the words to put inside their bags.
        Dominos with farm animals!

Animales de mar- Sea Animales
Tortuga- Turtle
Tiburon- Shark
Pulpo- Octopus 
Ballena- Whale 
Delfin- Dolphin
Rana/sapo)- Frog

Week 12: Focus- Review/Animals/Christmas!
During week 12, we focused on passed material and had the chance to do fun activities for Christmas! The kids made their own Christmas treats out of gram-crackers, frosting, marshmallows, and candy:)

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