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Intermediate Spanish at DAC (Week 14-17)

Hola padres! Congratulations to all the kids for completing the first TALK semester of the 2014-2015 academic year! Here is an update of weeks 14-17! I'm so happy of how the semester turn out and amazed of how much vocabulary the kids know. I love coming to T.A.L.K every morning because I have such amazing kids that come everyday with a positive attitude, ready to learn!

Week 14: Holidays/ Articles/ En/La/Los/Las
Spanish articles: Article has 4 forms, depending on whether the noun is masculine, feminine, singular or plural. 

-Masculine nouns have the article "el" in singular form and the article "los" in plural.
-Feminine nouns have the article "la" in singular form and the article "las" in plural.
-When a plural includes both masculine and feminine elements, the masculine noun is used with the article "los" (for example: parents are "los padres", children are "los niños" or "los hijos").
Feminine nouns
-Generally nouns ending in "-a" -la fruta, la mesa, la palabra 
-Nouns ending in "-dad" / "-tad" / "-tud"
-Nouns ending in "-ción" / "-sión" / "-gión"
-Nouns ending in "-ez", as long as they refer to abstract nouns formed with suffixes
-Nouns ending in "-triz"
-Nouns ending in "-umbre"
Masculine nouns:
-Nouns of Greek origin, ending in "-ma" / "-ta" / "-pa"
Game: Matching articles with words we learned from previous weeks. -For this game we use paper plates (where I wrote down the articles and the words into little squares of construction paper). Each student used a straw to match as much articles with words in 2mins for each run.

Spanish holiday celebration: Dia de Los Reyes Mago  Day of the three wise kings
-We celebrate the day by ending "Rosca de Reyes" (Special Mexican bread that is eaten on Jan 6th) and decorate our own shoes. (In Spanish countries, children leave their shoes next to the Christmas tree for the 3 wise kings with special treats.

Watch a video clip about los reyes magus
Vocabulary words:
April Fool's Day- El Día de los Inocentes
Christmas- La navidad
Christmas Eve- la noche buena
Easter- la Pascua
Epiphany- Día de los Reyes Magos
Father's Day- El Día del Padre
Mother's Day: El Día de la Madre
New Year's Day- El Año Nuevo
Valentines Day: El día de san Valentin
                                                              Activity: Matching game words in Spanish

Vocabulary words:
Independence Day- Día de la Independencia
Thanksgiving- Dia de accion de gracias
Day of the Dead- Día de los Muertos (1 November)
Day of children- El dia de los niños 
Birthday- el cumpleaños
Party- una fiesta
wedding- la boda
Activity/game: For this game we use red cups where I wrote down the vocabulary in English. Before they can throw the ball into the cup, the kids needed to tell me what the Holiday it was in Spanish. The kids had a blast tossing the ball around since it was a bit challenging to make inside the cup :)

(practicing their writing)

Week 15:  Focus: Transportation/Transportació
Vocabulary words:
New vocabulary: 
Bike-La bicicleta
Boat- El barco
Bus-El autos
Car- El carro
Taxi-El taxi
Train-El tern 
Airplane-El avión 

                                                                   Activity: Tiny Picture Dictionary book.

                                      Game: Matching memory game with transportation (spanish words)

Vocabulary words:
La ambulancia- Ambulance 
La bomba de incendios: Fire truck
El helicóptero: Helicopter
La moto: Motorcycle 
El carro de policía- Police car
El carro de deportes- Sports car

Game: (flying vocabulary to its destination) The kids made their own paper airplanes for this game. The goal of this was for them to fly their airplane into the correct basket with the correct vocabulary word I chose. 

Vocabulary words:
La camioneta- Truck
El tractor- Tractor
La limosina- Limo
El metro- Subway
La navel especial- Space ship 
El yate- Yacht

Game: (Music chairs with transportation)The kids had a blast playing music chairs and listening to spanish songs! In this game, there was different picture cards of different transportation in each chair. Whoever got a chair after the music stopped, the kids called out their cards out loud in Spanish

(Everyday we start with review by going over all the vocabulary from the previous day)

Week 16: Focus- House appliance 

Kitchen items: Cosina
La estufa- Stove
El horno- Oven
El fregador- Sink
El microondas- Microwave
Los gabinetes- Cabinets
El escurridor- Dish-washer
El refrigerador- Fridge

Game: Jenga with kitchen items (each blog had a vocabulary word). The kids love playing jenga and at the same time they learning how to pronounce the words given.

Vocabulary words: Living room/ Sala de espera
Las Sillas- Chairs
El sofá- Couch 
Los mumbles- Furniture
La lampara- Lamp
Televisión- T.V
Plantas- Plants
La mesa de centro- Table center piece 
El teléfono- Telephone
Los Cuadros- Frames

Game: Pictionary (The kids were given white boards and a few seconds to draw the picture I called out loud)

Vocabulary words: Beedroom 
Bedroom- Recamara
La cama- Bed
La almohada- Pillow
La cobija- Blanket
Las cortinas- Curtains 
El despertador- Alarm clock
El espejo- Mirror

Bathroom: Baño
La bañera- Shower
El lavamanos- Sink
El jabón- Soap
La tualla- Towel 
El cortinero: Shower curtain 
El cepillo de dientes- Toothbrush 
La pasta- toothpaste 

 Kitchen utensils:
La taza- Tea cup
El tenedor- Fork
El cuchillo- Knife 
La cuchara- Spoon

 The kids made their own house models :)

Game: (Tag with appliances) In this game the kids got to move around all around the classroom and had to find the word I called out. The kids had a blast playing this game since it was a bit of a challenge finding the cards in the floor:)

 (Appliances run game) In this game, the kids had to draw their own appliances for their teams. (Each picture was put in the wall). Each team picked a person to go up and race! Whoever got the word brought it back to me first, earned a point for their team! :)
                                    Our daily review before we start learning new vocabulary 

Week 16: Focus: Fruits, Vegetables, Diary 
Frutas- Fruits 
Las Uvas- Grapes
Las naranjas- Oranges
Las manzanas- Apples
Las fresas- Strawberries
Los plátanos- Bananas
Los duraznos- Peaches
Las peras- Pears
La piña- Pineapple
El mango- Mango
La cereza- Cherries
El limón- Lemon
La sandia- Watermelon
La gramada- Pomegranate

Vegetales- Vegetables
La zanahoria- Carrots
Las papas- Potatoes
La lechuga- Lettuce
El Elotte- Corn
Los frijoles- Beans
La cebolla-Onion 
La espinaca- Spinach 
El apio- Celery 
El tomate- Tomato
Los chícharos- Peas
Los Pepinos- Cucumbers

Not only did we learn the name of fruits, vegetables and dairy products, but we also learn about what foods to eat and avoid! :)

Project: The kids also had the chance to do their own food pyramids, which came out great!

Game: (Food tag) In the game plastic good/picture card was place all around the classroom (some items were hidden).The kids had to find any food, write it down and whoever was able to put on their plates first, earned points!:) The kids really enjoyed this game since it involve running. This game, was a fun way to practice their writing and sounding words out. 
 Tag the food and put on the plate!

 Grab and run with food: In this game all the words we learned were place all around the classroom. The first student to find and grab the word in spanish I called out in English, earned points:). In this game, the students learn how to recognize and sound out the words in Spanish.

How we start our morning by reviewing the previous words from the day before! (tag the fruits on the picture cards)

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