Thursday, May 14, 2015

Intermediate Spanish DAC (2nd semester/week 11-13)

Hola ! Here is an update of the class and the material we have covered these past couple of weeks at TALK! I can't believe TALK is almost over, but I'm happy that the kids have learned so much Spanish this year! My first year at TALK has been a wonderful experience so far.

Week 11 Topic: Nature/Naturaleza

Naturaleza- Nature
Rio- River
Selva Tropical- Rainforest 
Montana- Mountain 
Oceano- Ocean
Valle- Valley
Cascada- Waterfall
Mar- Sea
Orilla- Shore 
Pico- Peak
Costa- Coast
Desierto- Dessert
Sierra- Mountain range
Volcan- Volcano 
Bosque- Forest
Isla- Island 
                                                                  Matching fun! 

The kids to find the find the matching pair (Spanish/English) vocabulary words and quickly run across the classroom and stick them together in the mirror. 
 Morning nature review!

 Nature jeopardy!
 Nature tag words! The kids had to run and find the word I called out in Spanish

Week 12 Topic: Professions 

Abogado/a- Lawyer
Actor/Actriz,- Actor
Policia- Police
Arquitecto/a- Architect 
Biologo- Biologist
Bombero/a- Firefighter
Cantante- Singer
Carpintero- Carpenter
Carterno- Mailman
Cirujano- Sergeant 
Doctor- Doctor
Enfermero/a- Nurse
Dentista- Dentist
Consinero/a- Cook 
Electricista- Electrician
Escritor/a- Writer
Fotografo- Photographer
Ingeniero/a- Engineer  
Mecanico/a- Mechanic
Modelo- Model
Ninero/a- Nanny
Periodista- Journalist
Politico- Politician 
Profesor- Professor 
Psicologo/a- psychologist
Recepcionista- Receptionist
Secretaria- Secretary
Veterenario- Vet
Contable- Accountant
Astronauta- Astronaut
Balarin- Dancer
Disenador/a- Designer 

Self portraits: Cuando yo se grande quiero ser... When I grow up I want to be a...            

Group project! Each time we learned a new vocabulary, they had to draw the profession and label it in Spanish

Profession bingo!
Playing Bingo in Spanish 
Tag with professions!

  Game of ZAP with professions! This game is similar to Jeopardy, but with a twist! The kids not only got to practice how to say certain professions in Spanish, but numbers as well. Each team had to pick a number from the pocket and answer a question. After answering, the pocket they picked had a card either saying (-Pick one team to get Zap!, Switch scores with another, Add 2 points to your score, ZAP! All team have been Zapped!, Add 2 points to one other team’s score, Add 2 points two all others team’s score, Subtract 2 points from your score, Subtract 2 points from one other team’s score, Switch scores with another team) The kids had fun playing this game because of the point system!

 Quick team review. Each team had to write as much vocabulary words they knew in 2 mins

 The kids worked together to complete a puzzle that had different professions. As they were completing part of the puzzle, they said each profession out loud in Spanish.
Matching eggs professions!

Week 13 Topic: More professions!
Vocabulary words:

Reportero- Reporter
Psicólogo- Psychologist
Economista- Economist 
Agente de viaje- Flight agent 
Astrónomo/a- Astronomer
Agente inmobiliario-  Real estate agent 
Científico/a - Scientist
Contador/a- Counter
Estilista- Stylist
Florista- Florist
Granjero- Farmer
Pintor/a- Painter
Plomero/a - Plumer
Mesero/a- Waiter/Waitress
Maestra- Teacher 
Cardiologo- Cardiologist
Cura- Priest 
Autor/- Author 
Detective- Detective
Entrenedor- Trainer
Guardia- Guard 
Poeta- Poet 
Presidente- President 
Quimic- Chemist

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