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Intermediate Spanish DAC (2nd semester) Week 7-10

Hola padres! Here is an update of our class! The kids have been doing great memorizing a lot of vocabulary these few weeks!

Week 7:  Topic: Questions+ Standard conversations
?Quién?- Who
?Dónde? -Where
?Por qué? -Why
?Cómo? -How

?Cuándo? -When
?Cuánto?  How much
?Cuántas? How many
 ?Cuántos? - How many
Adónde? - Where to

¿De quién? - From whom
Do you have?- Do you have

(-Helpful video explaining how to ask certain questions)

¿cómo estás? - How are you?
¿cómo está usted?- How are you (polite)
¿qué tal? or ¿qué tal va? (informal)
¿cómo van las cosas? How are things

 ( daily conversations kids have a home)
– Tenemos que irnos en….minutos – We have to go in … minutes.
– Ayúdame, por favor. – Help me please.
– ¿Te ayudo? – Can I help you?
– Ponte los zapatos. – Put on your shoes.
– Cepíllate los dientes. – Brush your teeth.
– Lávate las manos – Wash your hands.
– ¿Quieres leer? – Do you want to read a story?
– ¿Cuántos hay? – How many are there?
– Con cuidado / Ten cuidado – Be careful.
– Dame la mano. – Give me your hand.
– Dame un abrazo. – Give me a hug.
– Siéntate. – Sit down.
– Muy calladito/a por favor – Be really quiet.
– Ven acá. – Come here.

– Camina, por favor. – Walk, please.
– No corras. – Don’t run.
– Me gusta – I like it.
– ¿Te gusta? – Do you like it?
– Guarda los juguetes – Pick up your toys.
– Tiende la cama. – Make your bed.
– Hazlo de nuevo – Do it again.
– Bien hecho. – Well done.
– Intenta otra vez. – Try again.
– ¿Tienes hambre? – Are you hungry?
– A la cama – Time for bed.
– Apaga la luz. – Turn off the light.
– Es hora de dormir. – It’s time to go to sleep.
– Que descanses. – Sleep well. (Sleep tight.)
– Te adoro. – I love you (I adore you).

Printable list of  common phrases to use at home)  ""
(helpful link with listed phrases and audio for kids and parents)

Filing in the blank and answering questions about themselves???

Interrogative questions books!
The students had the chance to create their own questions and draw pictures that matched their questions

We created questions based on the game GUESS WHO?
 In this game the kids got to ask questions in Spanish to get guess their opponents person.
 Adivina quien???????
 Questions review!
Disney Jeopardy: The kids got to watch different Disney clips from movies in Spanish. They had to pay close attention to the scenes because after they were asked questions about what happen.
Lion king scenes
Our Disney chart  

In this game the kids will pick out words from the basket and read out load in Spanish. In order to keep the card they had to guess the right translation. If they got the card that said "BANG" they had to put all their cards back into the basket.

Week 8:  Spring Break Review with an Eater theme! 
Easter party and Egg Hunt!
Eater drawings!
Dia de Pascua!

Egg Hunt around the classroom! The kids had a blast!

Topic: Emotions
Triste- Sad
Feliz- Happy
Enojado/a -Mad
Sorprendido/a- Surprise
Emocionado/a- Excited
Aburrido- Bored
Depremido- Depress
Enfadado- Annoyed
Avergonzado- Embarrassed
Confundidio/a- Confused
Fustrado- Frustrated
Asustado- Scared
Nervioso- Nervous
Orgulloso/a- Proud
Sensible- Sensitive

Matching emotions game with eggs!
The kids had to match words in (Spanish/English). Once they found the matching egg, they had to run to the other side of the classroom and place their egg in a cup. The kids had a blast!:)
The kids love a challenge!

Run to the baskets and drop your eggs!

Focus- Meals (Breakfast. Lunch, Dinner and Desserts)

Vocabulary words:
Los huevos revueltos- Scramble eggs
El pan tostado- Toast
El cafe- Coffee
El Juego de naranja/manzana/zanahoria: Orange juice, Apple juice, Carrot juice
El cereal- Cereal
El chocolate caliente- Hot chocolate
Los Panqueque- Pancakes
La avena- Oatmeal

(Lonche)- Lunch
Sandwiches de jamon on y queso- Ham and cheese sandwitches
La hamburgesa- Hamburger
La ensalada -Salad
Las papas fritas- French fries
La sopa- Soup
Sodas- Drink/sodas

(Cena)- Dinner
El Bistec- Steak
Los Camarones- Shrimp
Filete- Pescado
El Salmon- Salmon
Las Chuletas- Pork chops
El Espagueti- Spaghetti
El Arroz- Rice

(Postre) -Desserts
Helado- Ice cream
Pastel de chocolate- Chocolate cake
Las galletas- Cookies
Dulces -Candy

EGG TOSS with meal vocabulary!
  (Each team had a basket with 12 cups and plastic eggs). Each cup had the target words in Spanish. Once, they made inside every cup, the team wrote the word in English, using the back of the paper. Once they were done, they had to close their eggs and put it back inside the correct cup that had the word in Spanish.

Bunny hop race with vocabulary
The kids hop to a basket with an egg under their chin, and drop into the basket. Each egg had a vocabulary words inside. Once the collected all the eggs, they had to open their eggs and say the word in Spanish and translation
Hop Hop Hop! 

Collect all the eggs, run and drop them into the basket!

Clothing-Accessories- Ropa
La camiseta- T-shirt
La blusa,- Blouse
El suéter- Sweater
La chaqueta- Jacket
El abrigo- Coat
La chaleco- Vest
El pantalón- Pants
La falda- Skirt
Los chores- SHORTS 
El traje- Suit
El vestisto- Dress
Los calcetines- Socks
Los calzones- Underwear
Los guantes- Gloves
La corbarta- Tie
La bufanda- Scarf
El cinturón- Belt
Lentes de sol- Sunglasses
Los zapatos- Shoes

El collar- Neckless
Los aretes- EARNINGS
El anillo- Ring
El sombrero- Hat
La bolsa- Purse
El reloj- Watch
La pulsera- Bracelet
Board game with clothing words: (Each square had a clothing item). The students moved spaces by rolling the dice and saying the word out in Spanish and its translation.

“Yo soy”- I am
Vocabulary words:
Valiente- Brave
Alegre- Cheerful
Calmado/a- Calm
Divertido/a- Fun
Genoreso/a- Generous

Trabajadora- Hard worker
Impaciente- Impatient
Fuerte- Strong
Tímido/a - Shy
Débil- Weak
Comprensivo/a- Understanding
Estudioso/a- Studious
Inteligente- Intelligent
Sincero/a- Sincere
Serio/a- Serious
Egoista- Selfish
Perfeccionista- Perfectionist
Paciente- Patient
Nervioso/a- Nervous
Interesente- Interesting
Atlético/a- Athletic
Agresivo/a- Aggresive
Descuidado/a- Careless
Simpático/a- Likable

Week 9:
Weather expressions

Humedad- Humid
Huracan- Hurricane
Relampago- Lightning
Nubes- Clouds
Despejado- Clear
Lluvia- Rain
Aguacero- Rain showers
Neblina- Foggy
Sol- Sun
Soleado- Sunny
Truenos- Thunder
Tornedo- Tornedo
Viento- Wind
Frío- Cold
Congelado- Frozen
Granizo- Hail
Hielo- Ice
Nieve- Snow
Tormenta- Storm
Nevando- Snowing
Fresco- Cool
Caliente- Hot
Calor- Warm

Week 10:
Topic: Nature/Naturaleza
Naturaleza- Nature
Geografia- Geography
Rio- River
Selva Tropical - Rain Forrest
Montana- Mountain
Oceano- Ocean
Valle- Valley
Cascada- Waterfall
Mar- Sea
Orilla- Shore
Pico- Peak
Bahia- Bay
Costa- Coast
Desierto- Dessert
Sierra- Mountain range  
Volcan- Volcano
Bosque- Forest
Isla- Island
Weather books!

Working on their weather books
Review weather terms!
Guess my weather word?- In the game, the kids had to spin the spinner and depending where the arrow landed they either had to draw it, write, say in in English,


Tag on the wall with weather terms!

The weather vocabulary words in Spanish were all taped all over the classroom wall. Once I called out the word in English, the kids had to run towards the word in Spanish. ( The kids love playing this game since is very physical and wakes them up in the morning)

Life size board game with weather terms!
The kids rolled the dice, counted spaces in Spanish and practice their Spanish by saying every word out loud as they move along.

Write down weather words!
Each team, had a set of each word (which I wrote in Small squares with letters). The goal of this game was to use the letters and create the word in Spanish)

Running matching game with weather terms!
Matching game.(words in Spanish and English)
Each team had to find the matching pair of words, run across the classroom and tape the words together!

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