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Intermediate Spanish DAC: 2nd Semester (week 4-6)

Hola padres!
Here is an update of our class from week 3-6 and our new list of vocabulary

Week 4
Topic: Personalties/ Q
Introduce phrase “Yo soy”- I am

Vocabulary words:
Valiente- Brave
Alegre- Cheerful
Calmado/a- Calm
Amable- Friendly 
Divertido/a- Fun
Genoreso/a- Generous
Trabajadora- Hard worker
Impaciente- Impatient
Fuerte- Strong
Tímido/a - Shy
Débil- Weak
Comprensivo/a- Understanding
Estudioso/a- Studious 
Inteligente- Intelligent
Sincero/a- Sincere 
Serio/a- Serious 
Egoista- Selfish
Perfeccionista- Perfectionist
Paciente- Patient
Nervioso/a- Nervous 
Interesente- Interesting
Atlético/a- Athletic 
Agresivo/a- Aggresive
Descuidado/a- Careless
Simpático/a- Likable

Self-portraits project

 The students got the chance to express and describe themselves.

 Our daily review (identifying and writing their definition in English)

 Muffins tins game: Girls vs Boys 
In this game the words were put inside each muffin dish. (Each team had their own set of dish and words) The student had to tossed the ball inside of each space and say the word in Spanish and what their meant in order to remove the piece of paper inside. 

Personalties with Jenga!
 They love playing this game!

Marco polo game with our spanish personalties words!

Week 5: Focus- Meals (Breakfast. Lunch, Dinner and Desserts)

Vocabulary words:
Los huevos revueltos- Scramble eggs
El pan tostado- Toast
El cafe- Coffee
El Juego de naranja/manzana/zanahoria: Orange juice, Apple juice, Carrot juice
El cereal- Cereal 
El chocolate caliente- Hot chocolate
Los Panqueque- Pancakes
La avena- Oatmeal 

(Lonche)- Lunch
Sandwiches de jamon on y queso- Ham and cheese sandwitches
La hamburgesa- Hamburger
La ensalada -Salad
Las papas fritas- French fries
La sopa- Soup
Sodas- Drink/sodas

(Cena)- Dinner

El Bistec- Steak
Los Camarones- Shrimp
Filete- Pescado
El Salmon- Salmon 
Las Chuletas- Pork chops
El Espagueti- Spaghetti
El Arroz- Rice

(Postre) -Desserts

Helado- Ice cream
Pastel de chocolate- Chocolate cake
Las galletas- Cookies
Dulces -Candy

 Reviewing meals: 
 They do so good on review time!

Twister with meals!

 This game of twister had the target vocabulary in each spot. The students had to say their word out in Spanish and say what it was in English.

Matching game!

 Connecting/matching words!

Restaurant! Bienvenidos a nuestro Restuarante!
Phrases the students learn:
Hola, Buenas tardes- Hello, Good evening 
Puedo tomar su orden: Can I take your order please?
Si, yo quiero- Yes, I want...
 The students got the chance to be both the chiefs and customers. The students had to order their food in Spanish and those cooking the food had to make it. 

The students got the chance to make the food terms we learned all week.

Making their own menus/bingo cards:

Week 6: Focus: Community places
Vocabulary words:
El estadio- Stadium
El aeropuerto- Airport
El centro- Downtown
El hotel- Hotel
Lgasolinera- Gas station
La guardería- Daycare center
La inglesia- Church
La carnicería- Meat shop
La panadería- Bakery 
La fábrica- Factory
La estación de policía- Police station
La estación de bombers- Fire station
El hospital- Hospital
El correo- Post office
La escuela- School
El colegio- University
La farmacia- Pharmacy 
El parque- Park
El zoológico- Zoo
El parquet de diversiones -
El museo- Museum
El cine- Movie theather
La biblioteca- Library
La tienda- Store
El supermercado- Supermarket
La juguetería- Toy store
El restaurant- Resturant 
El centro commercial- Shopping center
El banco- Bank 

 The kids got the chance to make their own communities

Review practice fun!

Connect 4 with community places words!
 The kids played a game of connect the 4 and got to review the words at the same time

How we start our mornings with review!

The kids enjoy playing this game!
 The kids get to toss a ball into every cup, say the spanish word out loud and translate!

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