Thursday, April 9, 2015

Beginners Spanish @ Pioneer Week 25-26

Hola Padres!

Hello Parents!!

Welcome back! Week 25 is the week that the kids returned from a weeks' break. They were
re-energized and returned with lots of energy! Good stuff! They began the week well learning about the parts of a house in Spanish.

 Then, they studied closely the image below for each section. They were each assigned at least three vocabulary words each to write on the board and translate it.

 Then, they broke down each vocabulary word into syllables in a puzzle form like the images on the side. They will be using these for review week where they will be responsible for putting the them together after finding them in a scavenger hunt.
Later that week, the kids learned some Easter vocabulary like how to hop like a bunny. Brincar como conejito 🐰
They played a game with Easter eggs (an activity I learned from a colleague) where they hop to the table, obtain an egg, place it under their chins, hop to the box, and drop it in. At the end, which ever team got the most eggs wins.

Hop hop hop like a conejito!

After we finished playing the game, the kids were awarded with Easter treat bags and cake to celebrate Birthdays. We celebrated this month's along with summer birthdays since we will not be present for those birthdays.

The kids sang "Feliz Cumpleaños" in Spanish! 

There was a surprise gift 🎁! It is greatly appreciated little one! 😊

For week 26, the kids learned about adjectives in Spanish! Adjetivos!

The kids engaged in a Bingo game in class on the foods, asking each to describe the food as sweet, sour, bitter, or neutral in Spanish. 

They also played a review game where they race to the board either by running, jumping, rolling, crossing fingers, dancing, or crossing legs. Then the first person to either draw or write the translation in the board wins the points. 
 The rolled to the board! Rodaron a la pizarra!  

This concludes this weeks' awesomeness!!😁
Stay tuned for the next weeks to come! 

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